Studio shot Matt 18 May 2006

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Bryan at Coudal created this cool image of the new Jewelboxing Studio kit.

Jewelboxing Studio
(larger version) offers some details:

BB created the image by shooting each of the components individually in our handy light tent and sketched out the geometric composition. He then vignetted each and sewed them together in P’shop, cleaned up and color balanced the whole thing and added the shadows last.

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Alain 18 May 06

Its a good idea to show how much stuff the client is getting in the box, but I would have added a mouse over to the image witha description of each product. Gives more interactivity and allows the client to put a name on each item.

Don Schenck 18 May 06


Brandon 18 May 06

That’s awesome… great work! We’ve been shooting product shots “old school” with umbrellas and a regular backdrop. I’m seriously considering “upgrading” to a light box because they look so much easier.

Coudal 18 May 06

Yeah Brandon, we weren’t sure how much we’d use it when we bought it (less than $200) but now that we have it seems like we’re using it every week. It’s very helpful and quick to do bright, non-glare and non-shadowy shots to be vignetted.

Bryan C 18 May 06

That is a great product shot (though the artificial shadows may be overkill.) All product photos should be that comprehensive. There are some impressive homemade light-tents out there also, for people like me with slightly more time than money.

Joe 18 May 06

Ah, so that explains why the shadows don’t look real. Cool idea though.

Don Wilson 18 May 06

Canon makes great printers. I’ve got the PiXMA iP4000 and love it.

Mike Swimm 18 May 06

That is a beautiful photo.

I recently bought a light tent and it saves me a ton of time, especially if you are shooting a lot of reflective products.

I also love canon printers. The auto on/off is perfect for a home printer that you don’t use every day.

Shane 18 May 06

Where did you get the light box? And what type of lights are you using?

RonaldB 19 May 06

I did a quick google for “photography light tent” and found a number of interesting links: couple of “build-your-own-light-tent” descriptions, one using typical water/plumbing PVC pipe for the frame and a white bed sheet.

There are also commercial products from Cloud Dome and EZCube.
Lights could be 5000K fluorescent tube or compact lights; these are said to be quite close to daylight (a search for “5000k” should lead to some more info). They won’t be really easy to come by, though; you’d need to find a specialist supplier.

alba 20 May 06

nice shot. may i ask which model light tent you used, I can’t tell from the photo.