Stunning insect photos Jason 28 Mar 2006

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If bugs give you the willies, stay clear. If not, check out some incredible macro shots of insects. These are stunning. Nature is amazing. [via Coudal]

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Colin Cameron 28 Mar 06

That video is insane. Where on Earth are there centipedes that big?

John Lewis 28 Mar 06

Amazing. If Hollywood would make aliens look this real we’d have some kick butt movies.

I think it’s also inspired me for a colour palette for my next webpage.

Gayle 28 Mar 06

Oh, beautiful. Thank you!

Jon 28 Mar 06 has some really great shots too.
Stacked focus and 3d shots as well.

Chad 28 Mar 06

Incredible. It makes me want to watch where I step.

Noah 28 Mar 06

That’s nasty.

Michael 28 Mar 06

I suddenly got hungry.

Ryan 28 Mar 06

That centipede video reminded me of King Kong. I’m glad that insects are generally smaller than people.

Dale Tan 28 Mar 06

Blah. as gross as they are, they are even more intriguing.

Sebhelyesfarku 28 Mar 06


Tal 28 Mar 06

Pretty. Deadly.

Daniel, Rogue Connect 28 Mar 06

Pretty awesome. Mother nature has been responsible for some of the most varying, yet still amazing, creations!

indi 28 Mar 06

A centipede eating a mouse … somewhere down deep that just feels wrong. I wanted to shout, “run you fool, run!”.

Oh yeah, insect closeups … awesome


Chris 29 Mar 06

Interesting how something that many of us take for granted, and even dispise, can be so interesting when viewed in a controlled (and dead) enviroment (the Internet). Good find!

Jeremy 29 Mar 06

Love it! Makes me want to get away from my computer and go study bugs! Just think, they became that way based on their relationship to their surroundings! I wonder what I can do to my environment that will make me grow a few extra arms.

Jeena 06 Apr 06



ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG !!!!!!!!! >> IF I ever came accros something like that outside I’d Pee / poop my pants and scream like a little gurl !… B t w .. i’m a 280LB warehouse worker that looks like a miniature version of a white MR. T
and no .. i’m not ashamed to say i’d poop my pants over something like that……… & scream like little sissy gurl…

Rich 28 Apr 06

Wait until you see the BBC’s new nature programme Planet Earth - the pictures on that are incredible. All filmed in HD too!

Laura 25 May 06

That’s horrible! To throw a live mouse in with that monster, did you here how it sqeaked?! However did musn’t have a heart, if you’re going to feed it mice then a least feed it the dead ones. Not feed it a live one some you can exploit how it kills on the internet.

Laura 25 May 06


I’m very tired