Sudo sandwich Matt 29 Sep 2006

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Tom 29 Sep 06

So… you’re not even going to link to xkcd?

Jeff Croft 29 Sep 06

That thing cracked me up when I saw it a few weeks ago. Hilarious.

Dan 29 Sep 06


Daniel 29 Sep 06

I think this may be the geekiest post I’ve ever seen on SvN… Lovin’ it, though!
Now to the problem of making it work in real life…

Karl G 29 Sep 06

make: *** No rule to make target `me’. Stop.

Zack Jenks 29 Sep 06

That’s good stuff! If only it were that easy!

ML 29 Sep 06

Dan: sudo

Adam Spooner 29 Sep 06

That’s hilarious!

monkeypup 29 Sep 06

I so want to share this with my friends, but I think the 20 minutes it would take me to explain it to them would somehow take away from the funny.

Matt Turner 29 Sep 06

Doesn’t SUDO usually ask for a password if you haven’t used the command in the last 5 minutes? Regardless, that made me laugh.

Matt/slapshotw 29 Sep 06

I cracked up. My girlfriend stared at me with the classic (I’m sure you’ve all seen it) “that is not funny, you are a loser” stare.


indi 29 Sep 06

it scares me that I actually got this …

Lakshan 29 Sep 06

Actually in my country where we use Sinhalese as our language term “sudo” is not just technical :) Sudo refers to affectionate calling such as ‘darling’. So you could excute that command and could also receive results here in Sri Lanka.

So try it next time you are here !

Richard Muscat 29 Sep 06

*self esteem hits rock bottom after bout of healthy laughter*

meanwhile, back at the ranch, the radio is squawking…

“Web developer eats own arm and taken to mental asylum”

Dave Simon 29 Sep 06

You know you are a geek when you are in a quiet coffee shop and you look at SvN and laugh out loud. Then everyone stares at you like you are insane.

Joe Ruby 29 Sep 06

That cartoon is f’ing funny.


sudo DHH.translate(MIT_LICENSE)

Ali 30 Sep 06

Whats funny??

Dean 30 Sep 06

You Americans are easily amused.

Jacbon 30 Sep 06

Dean, eat ass.

Spike 30 Sep 06

O/T, but this kinda reminds me of the “Meetings are Toxic” post:

Dieter Komendera 30 Sep 06

Really funny… I nearly fell from my chair when I saw this.

And Dean, I’m not an American ;-)

tom 30 Sep 06

I think it would be better:

“make me a sandwich”
“you have no right to ask me th - “
“sudo make me a sandwich”
“what’s the magic word?”
” ” (empty speech bubble)
“ok ok”

or something along those lines

jamo 30 Sep 06

so glad u guys got onto this one, mans a genius..go to the site and view the rest!….much fun to be had…

definitly one for the feeds…

(carebearstares Dean…)

Ben Kittrell 01 Oct 06

Hehe, I don’t usually like super geeky shirts, but this one is perfect.

I also like the one that says…

“SCIENCE….It works BITCHES” I think even my wife would like that one.

BorneoFarmer 01 Oct 06

Great post, …. Tom,

Mike 02 Oct 06

I gave a little quick link to a couple of those comics after spending most of the afternoon a few days back reading tons of them. I specifically wanted to link to this one but couldn’t find it again. So, thanks.

3stripe 02 Oct 06


Lindsey 03 Oct 06

xkcd is all over the place these days. It’s great to see the comic getting some well-deserved attention.

dood 03 Oct 06

“Really funny´┐Ż I nearly fell from my chair when I saw this.”

wheelchair you mean.