Sunrise artifacts Jason 12 Apr 2006

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Anita Feature 12 Apr 06

I don’t think the select menu placement on the middle-right screen is proper. And don’t you think it’s a little runaround to force them to go through the bottom screen first?

LukeP 12 Apr 06

This must be the new art I’ve been hearing all about.

Luis 12 Apr 06

Hmm, someone needs to use Backpack to help organize this thing ;)

Gilbert Lee 12 Apr 06

It’s the new Excel!!!

Jason Santa Maria 12 Apr 06

Will this help me manage all of my Basecamp feature requests? Because that shit is KILLING ME.

Name 12 Apr 06

Sign me up!

Chris S 12 Apr 06

camping metaphors that will never reference 37s products:


Baeck 12 Apr 06

Actually, I think they should release a functional spec. tool called “Sinkhole.” I’d like to see the logo for it!

Brandon Eley 12 Apr 06

Ok, I know this is a little off-topic, but what pens do you guys use to draw? They look almost like felt-tip pens, but they’re so rich… almost like paint. Maybe it’s just from digitizing.

Anyway, I lik the thick black lines. Let me know so I can get some of them…

Robb Irrgang 12 Apr 06

Ok, I know this is a little off-topic, but what pens do you guys use to draw?

Uhm, dude. That’s one scary post.

Unrelated, but, Jason, what kind of hair gel do you use? It makes you look, like, dreamy.

Jumpspot 12 Apr 06

Actually, I was really digging the quality of those pens, too. What are they?

Josh Pigford 12 Apr 06

I’m with Brandon and Jumpspot…what kind of pens are those?

keith 12 Apr 06

Looks like a sharpie to me..

I am soo exited for sunrise…stop teasing me.

I already told my boss here at the charity i work for that its going to be the new way we manage our donors database!!

I cant wait!!

Matt Carey 12 Apr 06

only got one thing to say… 37, you are a tease!

JF 12 Apr 06

I use the good old thick permanent-ink Sharpie. Simple, cheap, abundant.

Adam Thody 12 Apr 06

Ah 37crm. Me likey.

(I’m ashamed to say the first thing I thought was I have to get one of those pens as well)

Don Wilson 12 Apr 06

I don’t necessrily care what the project is, but I love any photos that are of drawings like this.

xian 12 Apr 06

A wireframe by any other name would smell as sweet.

Josh Delsman 12 Apr 06

I’ve been holding off on my own CRM because I know Sunrise is right around the corner. Right? Right???! :)

Long Time Listener - Repeat Caller 12 Apr 06

Man… I am on pins and needles waiting for the next bit of ultimately uninformative hype you throw our way!


JF 12 Apr 06

Ahh, the HYPE comment. I knew we’d see that one sooner or later.We’re just sharing some sketches because we like the way they look all scattered on the floor like that. Nothing to do with hype. No promises, no comments about what’s on the screen, no “this is going to ROCK!!!” nothing like that. Just some visuals we wanted to share.

Andrew 12 Apr 06

Wireframing in sharipe is badass, like doing crosswords in pen.

Matt Todd 12 Apr 06

Or like doing Sudokus in pen! Hah!


Anders M 12 Apr 06

What Sharpie tip do you guys prefer ?

random8r 13 Apr 06


Michael Ward 13 Apr 06

Long Time Listener - Repeat Caller: This is anti-hype.

When you “Get Real” you don’t hype your products - but you do release snippets of information on upcoming products. If the adoring public choose to then get hyped - well that’s up to them.

Sebhelyesfarku 13 Apr 06

Yeah the fanbois are quite funny on this site.

Keane 13 Apr 06

“Do you document those sketches or just throw them away?”

“That one is already in the trash :)”

Chris 13 Apr 06

Is that the Vista ‘Flip 2D’ effect?

Long Time Listener - Repeat Caller 13 Apr 06

Michael… I fail to see how meaningless (to the public with whom it was shared) sketches shown on the screen specifically stating that this is, indeed, something to deal with Sunrise (the new hotly anticipated product from 37S) could be construed as “snippets of information”. Have I really been informed? have I learned anything new, other than the fact that they are still working on it, as opposed to making new blog entries about what they think looks cool, seminars they plan to attend, or how they’re “realer” than (most) everyone else?

And I’m sorry JF, but it you just wanted to “share some visuals” and not hype your non-released product, then why bother putting “Sunrise” in the title?

I love your stuff. Really, I do. So please do not confuse my eye-rolling of some of your business practices as an overall disdain for everything about your company. That said, though… The eyes are rolling on this one. ^____^

JF 13 Apr 06

And I�m sorry JF, but it you just wanted to �share some visuals� and not hype your non-released product, then why bother putting �Sunrise� in the title?

You don’t need to apologize. Just ask and I’ll tell you. If we didn’t put it in the title the first question we would have gotten was “What app is this for?!!” We were just being proactive. Nothing more. You can put away the conspiracy theory handbook now.

Chris S 13 Apr 06

You know, the only thing that sucks about this blog are the people who post comments just to say that it sucks, it’s killing them, it’s ruining their life.

To them I say: Dude, just chill out and change the channel, or rant on your own blog, or go lock the bathroom door and bother your own self, cause that’s all you’re really doing anyhow.

Sam Felder 13 Apr 06

Here’s another geeky question for ya: What paper are you writing on with that Sharpie? I always find the ink bleeds and would love to get some that doesn’t have thise problem.


Jeff Martin 13 Apr 06

Let me say that I really like 37S’ apps and blog and this is nothing against them. When I first read the comments like “What kind of pens are you using?”, my first reaction was to turn on the sarcasm tag and ask what kind of toilet paper they used. Maybe if I wipe my ass with the same kind, I’ll be successful too.

Eric Peters 14 Apr 06

The pens are groovy. There’s something about a good hand sketch that conveys more movement and emotion than a diagram drawn in Visio or Omnigraffle. Sweep of the pen, weight on the tip—it captures more of what you’re thinking about what you’re diagraming.

BTW, I’d call it generating buzz, not hype. Buzz is hype without the paparazzi.

Scott 14 Apr 06

GREENVILLE, S.C., April 14 - Stock in Sharpie’s parent company NEWELL RUBBERMAID (NYSE:NWL) are on an upswing on the revelation that 37s success starts with drawings using Sharpie pens. :)

Digger 07 Jun 06

Any update on Sunrise? We really really need this app. (well we think we do based on the hints provided to date.)

Fran 04 Sep 06

Can you please tell me when we can be expecting Sunrise? I’d deperately need to get out of the night, and I want to know if I need to buy something else…

Simon 20 Sep 06

I’m interested in any possible release dates as well. We’re in need of something as soon as possible, and a web based solution similar would be ideal as we’re scattered all over the UK.

Scott 21 Sep 06

Over the past couple of months, I have been “getting religion” so-to-speak when it comes to agile software development, Ruby on Rails, and all of the wonderful thing that 37signals represents. That’s what is so perplexing about Sunrise. I understand that it’s a complex problem…but isn’t that 37signal’s edge? Can’t the product be released with simple and basic feature set that would let us get using it?

Basically, all that I want right now is a way to enter leads and contacts and be able to classify them, link them to each other in many-to-many relationships, and record events (such as phone calls, emails, etc.) associated with these entities. Maybe this is more complex than I’m making it. If so, simplify it further. We all believe in your software, we’ll be patient while you’re adding features, but I’ll bet we can find a way to make even the most simple release work for us for now. Just a thought.