Sunspots: the ant nest edition 37signals 02 Jun 2006

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Launch, don't wait
"In retrospect, it was a bad idea to wait until these features were completed before deploying to the public. The application would [have] benefited from some public use, even if it wasn't feature complete."
Vitamin interview with David
Ryan Carson from Carson Workshops talks to David about Rails, 37signals, Sunrise, etc.
Business Jive interviews Jason
"Fried discusses his professional background and the foundations of his less-is-more approach to business and life."
Excavating ant tunnels
Cool photo here of ant nest architecture.
Martin Schoeller photography
Interesting close up portraits of celebs.
"With a sensor in your shoe and a receiver on your iPod nano, your run takes on a whole new dimension. See the minutes tick by. Watch the miles unfold. Hear real-time feedback. All to your favorite music..."
CSS Graphs Helper for Ruby on Rails
A Ruby on Rails helper for making vertical, horizontal, and complex bar graphs with an image marker. The graphs use only CSS/HTML (and an optional gradient image).
"Every time you add a word to a web page, you take something away."
It's a decent article though one analogy seemed odd: "Designing a website can be a bit like being a kid and inheriting a sweetshop. It's easy to get carried away. There are so many choices." Then I realized it said sweetshop, not sweatshop.
Rodney names his computer after Jamis
"So I've decided to name my new macbook Jamis or Buck because at the moment Jamis Buck is my hero. I mean giving the world Capistrano and Active Record Migrations , that's just too much hotness to handle, but he did and it's awesome."

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jerry 02 Jun 06

*Fanboy Warning*

So, if you take the most prominent 37signals and line them up against the Beatles, I get…

Jason == Paul
David == John
Jamis == George
Sam == Ringo
Marcel == Billy Preston
Matt == Linda

But I can’t seen to fit Ryan in anywhere — George Martin, perhaps? Any suggestions?

jerry 02 Jun 06

Doh, I just figured it out — Ryan is LSD.

Jamis 02 Jun 06

In all fairness, I have to admit that migrations were not my brainchild, but David’s. That said, I’ll take all the adulation I can get. ;)

John Lewis 02 Jun 06


The most important realization about the Web people should take away from this is simple:

The web is iterative. There’s no “final” product. You’re never done, and you should never wait to be done.

Phil 02 Jun 06

If Apple/Nike could tie the average pace of your footfalls and then play music in the same BPM range, *that* would rock.

Marko 02 Jun 06

Launch: Remember all those under construction signs? Web 1.0 was right all along!

Sam 02 Jun 06

If I remember correctly, there was a Martin Schoeller portrait of Al Gore on the cover of Newsweek or Time or something recently. I remember trying to figure out what the two strange shapes were in his eyes.

Greg 05 Jun 06


Sam == Ringo

I’m going to say “ouch” for Sam.