Sunspots: The optimism edition 37signals 21 Jul 2006

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Jeff Bezos: "Optimism is essential" profile where Bezos talks about how entrepreneurship is a state of mind. "One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves...You don't choose your passions, your passions choose you." Also, FastCompany: "Inside the Mind of Jeff Bezos"
Cameratruck: the world's biggest mobile camera
Like a pinhole camera, only thousands of times bigger. "As the light enters the truck, it falls onto giant sheets of photographic paper pinned to the opposite wall. This is how we are able to create our giant negatives, almost three metres wide."
The key to negotiating: Be willing to walk away
"The way to win is to carefully figure out how tolerable things will be after the deal falls through. In almost every case, the winner of a negotiation is the party who is best prepared for the possibility of the deal not happening at all."
Fortune article on how "smart CEOs" are tearing up the Jack Welch playbook
"The risk we now face is applying old solutions to new problems." New rules include "Agile is best," "Find a niche, create something new," and "Admire my soul." ("Having a 'soul' as a corporation is defining a company's vision in a sustainable, long-term way - and to hell with what the hedge funds or other pay-me-now investors say.")
Book: "Publish & Prosper: Blogging for your Business"
"You'll learn about the types of business blogs, how companies use blogs, how to sell blogs to management and IT, effective blog design, content, and conversation, pitfalls to avoid, how to develop Web presence, and more!"
How to ask questions the smart way
"In the world of hackers, the kind of answers you get to your technical questions depends as much on the way you ask the questions as on the difficulty of developing the answer. This guide will teach you how to ask questions in a way more likely to get you a satisfactory answer."
FILE Magazine
"We publish images that treat subjects in unexpected ways. Alternate takes, unconventional observations, odd angles -- the photographs in the collection reinterpret traditional genres." Design by Greg Storey and Ryan Irelan of Airbag.
Atta Kim photography
Korean artist uses extended exposures -- sometimes as long as eight hours -- to shoot subjects like parliamentary sessions, soccer games, outdoor military exercises, etc. "Monologue of Ice, 24 Hours" (below) shows a block of ice melting.

Monologue of Ice, 24 Hours

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Nathan Rosenberg 21 Jul 06

The Fortune article is full of great advice, but most of “Jack Welch’s Playbook” is inaccurate, and the “new rules” are very consistent with Welch’s ideas.

mike toreno 21 Jul 06

you can ask legitimate questions as appropriately and carefully as you want on the internet, most people are just too damn lazy to help people they don’t know.

Dan Grossman 21 Jul 06

Oh do I wish people would spend more time thinking about the questions they post online. I frequent a programming forum and some of the posts by eager PHP newbies are quite aggravating. I love to help people, to show them algorithms they might not have come up with, to write sample code.

The problem is that half the questions are written in broken english or teen-leet-speak, or don’t provide anywhere near enough information to be answered. Some people just post the URL of their site where they’ve installed someone’s premade software, call it broken, and ask why. They don’t even name the software they installed!

I love when I come across someone who posts a question with a snippet of code that’s not working, and a full description of what they provide as input (for example, a database schema or sample data), what they want as output, and what the current code gives instead. I’ll spend a long time helping those people.

Jack 21 Jul 06

The link to the fastcompany article was great but I HAVE NEVER EVER SEEN a more unfriendly “printable page

Killian 27 Jul 06

Does any one remember the episode of the 3-2-1 Contact crime fighters (was it the bloodhound gang?) where they used a pinhole camera set up to determine their location while trapped inside a box truck. I bet the Camera Truck Guy gets that question all the time :-)