Sunspots: The sculpting edition 37signals 23 May 2006

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Web App Oscars (from Bare Naked App)
"While scouting around the internet in my search for concise web copy I also found some nice layout features - devices to help your readers either get to your info or help them understand your app better."
Less kitchen space
A NY Times slide show of Japanese kitchens as models of efficiency. "In Tokyo, where land can be prohibitively expensive and plots unbelievably small, flexible space and multipurpose rooms are not just design preferences but also survival techniques."
Don't buy the media infatuation with overnight success stories
Seth Godin: "The goal, I think, is to be an overnight failure, but one that persists. Keeping costs low, building a foundation that leads to the right kind of story, the right kind of organic growth."
SimpleBits intros Cork'd and compares iterative design to sculpting
Cork'd (powered by Ruby) lets you catalog, rate and review wines. "It's a gratifying way for a designer to work on a large project, chipping away at things in real time, using real data -- it's a bit like sculpting. An evolution."
Startups will find it difficult to cross the "Techcrunch chasm" between the Web 2.0 geeks and Mainstreet USA
"Too many companies are targeting an audience of 53,651. That's how many people subscribe to Michael Arrington's TechCrunch blog feed."
Interview w/ Ray Ozzie of Microsoft
On Office 2007: "It's not about adding tons of new features; it's about exposing what's already there."
Reviews, how-to's, and more-all on tumblelogs.
Pure Ruby Sparklines
A pure Ruby solution to generating Sparklines that display web site stats.
The 25 best music websites according to EW
1) iTunes 2) eMusic 3) Pandora.

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Bob Aman 23 May 06

Perhaps I’m being cynical, but perhaps Seth Godin is only saying that because of how Squidoo has turned out.

Ebstar 24 May 06

Best music site is surely