Sunspots: the travel light edition 37signals 09 Jun 2006

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Robert Brownjohn
"Combining audacious imagery with ingenious typography, illustration and found objects, ROBERT BROWNJOHN (1925-1970) was among the most innovative graphic designers in 1950s New York and 1960s London..."
Article on devotees of GTD warns against overanalysis
"Refusing to decide is a major stress builder. Decide, act, move on."
Interview with the designer of Lumix SLR camera
"My aim has been to design a camera that, to put it simply, 'looks like a camera'...More than anything else our goal was to create a design that would reflect the image that an ordinary person has when he thinks of a camera..."
Revisiting the Abilene Paradox: Is Management of Agreement Still an Issue
The Abilene paradox comes about when people act in a way that is the opposite of their actual preferences. "Libraries and other information service agencies make decisions and take actions every day. Often these decisions and actions are based on a false sense of consensus within the group."
Agile: Crossing the Chasm
"'We maximize the amount of work not done'...Agilists travel light....When you travel light, you also reduce the bureaucracy surrounding those work products."

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brad 09 Jun 06

I’ve been waiting anxiously to find out how much Panasonic’s new Lumix SLR is going to cost — it’s the first digital camera that I’ve felt that I’d actually enjoy using, but I’m worried that we’ll have to pay a high price for all that simplicity and clean design…anyone heard a street value estimate yet?

MMI 09 Jun 06

I’m a huge fan of Robert BrownJohn. He actually did the opening credits of the James Bond Film GoldFinger. Go back sometime and really look at what he’s doing, it’s some amazing imagery. You can learn more in the book about him:

I also recommend his book “Watching Words Move” I just love it. Lots of it may be obvious in this day and age, but it was very neat stuff for the 60s. For anyone in London, there is (was?) and exhibit at the design museum. Great stuff.

Shane 09 Jun 06

The sunspots posts are the best things on this blog. Keep ‘em coming…