SvN in Newsweek Matt 17 May 2005

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Welcome Newsweek readers, this is what you’re looking for: “Google Web Accelerator: Hey, not so fast - an alert for web app designers.”

Background: Newsweek’s “Blog Watch” this week (May 16 issue) gives a shout out to the aforementioned post at SvN: “Google’s latest web app, Google Web Accelerator, is generating some deservedly negative buzz at”

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Levi 17 May 05

But can you really trust Newsweek? :)

Benjy 17 May 05

At least they didn’t accuse you of flushing Google down the toilet…

Darrel 17 May 05

I hope the story doesnt’ start a riot.

you mofos are funny 17 May 05

haha to all 3 comments…

Ashley 17 May 05

But perhaps they should have accused you of flushing fundamental web (HTTP) standards (i.e., GET v. POST) down the toilet, and in so doing some of your customers’ data.

Ryan Christensen 17 May 05

Wasn’t the get vs. post debate topic already *completely* covered in another thread (and slashdot) already? Does it need to continue on?