SxSW Opening Remarks Podcast Jason 13 Mar 2006

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If you couldn’t make SxSW this year, you can listen to some podcasts of some of the sessions including the opening remarks keynote by Jim Coudal and yours truly (we each talked for about 20 minutes and then did about 20 minutes of Q&A).

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Ruben 13 Mar 06

“The curious shall inherit the earth.” Loved that quote.

FredS 13 Mar 06

Who knew it was pronounced ‘Coodall’?

Don Wilson 13 Mar 06

Lots of great information.

Nathan 14 Mar 06

Jason, are you a fan of the comedian Dane Cook? As I listened to your podcast, your voice, intonation, and tempo made me feel like it was Dane Cook with fewer laughs, more UX, and a complete disdain for spec…

Brad 14 Mar 06

I feel like you are my friend. But really, how tall are you?

JF 14 Mar 06

5’ 8”

Jim 14 Mar 06

“Let’s battle!”

You definitely sound like Dane Cook

stl 15 Mar 06

can you podcast hand-clasping?

Jeena 16 Mar 06

It was so crowded I had to watch on a video screen in the overflow room without a seat. Great opening keynote. Man you guys are popular.

virtas 19 Mar 06

While listening to this podcast i made a mind map…

you can check it out here:

I called it New Idead for Life and Business :)