Ta-da List breaks 300,000 items 25 Apr 2005

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People are busy building and sharing lists on Ta-da List. The 300,000th list item was recently posted. Check out a random sampling of 25 public lists. It’s inspiring, enlightening, and frightening.

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Dr_God 25 Apr 05

Man, if keeping track of your “Liters of Human Diarrhea” isn’t a ringing endorsement of the power of Ta-da lists, I don’t know what it.

Adam A 25 Apr 05

Just in case you forget:


Karl Swedberg 25 Apr 05

Wow! That’s a lot of broken items. Somebody must be really mad. Seriously, though, congratulations. I love using my (private) ta-da lists.

Ramin 25 Apr 05

Does anyone actually use tadalists in a meaningful manner? It just seems like a bunch of useless lists. Maybe I just don’t see the whole picture. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Tony 25 Apr 05

Yes, I use TaDa to keep some todo lists — mostly just little reminders of stuff I have to do.

I also have a shared list that my family is using to ensure we bring everything we need for an upcoming vacation.

nate 26 Apr 05

has anyone noticed that checked or unchecked list items don’t update immediately after the OS X 10.3.9 update?

they don’t update for me unless i go back to the “my lists” page and then check the recently changed list.

i just tried it on a G5 and my laptop with the same results. the G5 has the recent java and security updates, while the laptop doesn’t.

is it just me?

- nate

JF 26 Apr 05

We know about this issue in Safari 1.3 (they changed their JS implementation). We’ll be fixing it shortly.

kevin 27 Apr 05

Very nice. But it’d be nicer if I could add lists to lists. Nothing in life is that linear. Any list item can be a mini-project in its own right. For example, a to do list could be broken into a list of categories, like to do in the garage, in the kitchen, to the car, at work…, and to the car would include the parts list from Napa…

BTW I’m a basecamp user too, and diggin it.

Tony 27 Apr 05

“Very nice. But it�d be nicer if I could add lists to lists.”

All I do is make one item in one list be a hyperlink to another list. Works pretty well for me.