Tag, you’re it via… 23 May 2005

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This humanoid love pillow article is via Gizmodo via OhGizmo via Popgadget via Tokyo Times.

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Randy 23 May 05

[Via]s are so annoying. Just link to whatever you want to and don’t worry about who found it first.

Adam Codega 23 May 05

I think Jason’s trying to be ironic, with the four via credits.

pixelenator 23 May 05

You might think this is a stupid question, but if i read some good article somewhere, can i just copy paste on my weblog and add [via] on the bottom of the entry, or would that get me in trouble???

Randy 24 May 05

Adam, right, but even through the irony there is a bit of a point that I think Jason is trying to make. When do via’s become useless and recursive?

paul haine 24 May 05

pixelenator: I would imagine that most authors wouldn’t be too impressed with a wholesale copy and paste job. It’d be better to simply quote part of the article and then give the link to the full thing.