Thanks to The Deck advertisers Jason 29 Aug 2006

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We’d like to thank The Deck advertisers for August:

Veer: Elements for Creativity. Images, type, and more. Helping designers make meaningful connections locally and around the world. Online billing that’s great for designers, developers and web hosts.

Carson “The Future of Web Apps” conference: Speakers include Digg, Google, TechCrunch, Measure Map, FeedBurner, DropSend, WordPress and more.

Squarespace: Elegant. Powerful. Professional. The better way to put a blog online.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, New 2006 Edition. Buy 2 books, get one Free, use code: OPC10

Adaptive Path’s User Experience Week 2006: Speakers include Steven Johnson, Michael Bierut, Jeffrey Veen. Hosted by Jesse James Garrett & Peter Merholz.

Discover why Adobe Dreamweaver 8 is the leading web development tool.

Jewelboxing: High-end, short-run disc packaging solutions.

Increase your site’s traffic and natural search engine rankings with Text Link Ads.

If you’d like to put your product, service, or idea in front of the influential readers of A List Apart, 37signals Signal vs. Noise, Daring Fireball,, The Morning News,, Design Observer and Coudal Partners, then get in touch with Jim Coudal at [email protected]. We only have one slot left for September so don’t miss out.

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Raghav 30 Aug 06

the carson systems that you mention for teaching web app making have been dumb founded on their own website.

Just visit this link
and read the last two comments

They made a ad system and are rdeay to launch and then someone made them realise they havent thought of click fraud when their system is based upon pay per click they havent even replied to that comment yet been 6 days

how can you teach web app making when you can blunder like that?

Ben Darlow 30 Aug 06

Raghav: Assuming The Future of Web Apps follows the same format as the London conference of the same name Carson Workshops hosted this February, the variety of speakers will all have experience in building and deploying web applications. Even if they have ‘blundered’ on the click-fraud example this doesn’t invalidate the conference as whole.

Also, whilst 6 days may have passed since the comment was made, this doesn’t mean they’re not actively thinking of a solution - maybe they have got one but it’s not quite refined enough to discuss publically yet? It’d be poor form to second-guess and then dismiss them on something which is still unfinished, as this is.

John Topley 30 Aug 06


Perhaps they’re rather busy getting ready with the launch and haven’t had time to comment. How do you know that they haven’t considered click fraud? Oh that’s right, you don’t.

I’ve attended three Carson events and they’ve all been excellent.

Cooper Mor 31 Aug 06

Doesn’t anyone else find it ironic that Text-Link-Ads uses image ads pretty much exclusively (that I’ve seen).