The Cost of Cool Matt 02 Mar 2005

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Too many entertainment/lifestyle sites continue to shoot themselves in the foot (feet?) by chasing cool. For example, the other night I had to decide whether to catch the opening band at a show I was attending. So I decided to search for MP3s at The Double’s web site.

I went to the band’s site. Flash. Sigh. Loading. Sigh. Then I get to the audio section. Here’s the kicker: When I try to click on an audio link, the page starts scrolling. You have to chase the link around the screen in order to click on it. Come on man, I’m trying to listen to your music and it’s actually running away from me! Ridiculous.

If you’re a band, restaurant, nightclub, or whatever, then go right ahead and make your band, restaurant, or nightclub cool. But when it comes to your website, what’s cool is giving people the info they want without making ‘em jump through hoops.

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