The Deck is sold out for November Ryan 30 Oct 2005

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Please support our inaugural Deck advertisers: Veer, Campaign Monitor, IconBuffet, and Mint. They’ve all booked ads for November, selling out the ad inventory in less than a week. Thanks! Get in touch with Jim Coudal at jim at if you want to get your product, message, or brand in front of a lot of influential folks.

And remember, if you’re trying to launch a product I don’t know of a better way to jump in front of so many interested (and interesting) people than to buy a Deck Roadblock (100% of the ad page views across A List Apart, Signal vs. Noise, and Coudal) for a day or three.

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John Peele 30 Oct 05

First, we have to get you guys to use the product…

Don Wilson 30 Oct 05

Can a likely competeing product advertise on the Deck? Say, a Backpack competitor? ;)

Jason 30 Oct 05

Why would they use a competeing product?

JF 30 Oct 05

We only take ads for companies we support (this includes trying and liking the product they are advertising). We wouldn’t support a 37signals, Coudal, or A List Apart competitor so we wouldn’t take their ad.

JP 30 Oct 05

What I want to know is how two people in a row can misspell the 2nd-grade word “competing”?

josh 30 Oct 05

What if I developed a leading online magazine for web professionals which was also an easy to use project management tool that produced films about marketing copy? … and you guys really really liked it…

Vaibhav Domkundwar - WebVapors 31 Oct 05


“please support our advertisers” sounds very strange. Its like Google saying “please click on our text ads”.

DH 31 Oct 05

�please support our advertisers� sounds very strange. Its like Google saying �please click on our text ads�.

It’s not strange. They don’t get $ per click.

Also, I always though Basecamp’s ad square was the most poorly designed of the last set of them. The text is good, but large & makes the little box feel little. The other ads (by having color or something bleed to the edge) seem to use the space better. But hey, I don’t know. You’re the good designers.

Scrivs 31 Oct 05

I think Valibhav is saying it’s weird because if we don’t click on the ads then the advertisers won’t come back next week. 37s doesn’t get paid directly from clicks, but without clicks they won’t be getting paid directly at all from anybody.

Dan H 12 Dec 05

Do you mind if i ask what software The Deck uses? Is it this: …? I’m in the market for something better than the little perl script I wrote.