The difference between reality and PR 27 May 2005

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Some Viagra users reporting blindness, or, if you’re in the PR industry, “We are in discussions with the FDA to update our language to reflect these rare ocular events that have occurred” (Pfizer spokesman Daniel Watts).

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Kenneth Miller 27 May 05

Well, you know what mom always said….”You will poke your eye out with that thing…”

Chris Vincent 27 May 05

I’m sure I’m not the only one catching the irony of a drug affecting the sexual function of the penis causing blindness as a side-effect.

MrBlank 27 May 05

It is true! You do go blind if you do that too much. OMG!

Brad 27 May 05

I suppose they refer to the intended effect of Viagara as a “penicular event?”

MrBlank 27 May 05

Chris, um, going blind from using Viagra would not be ironic.

Jason Rothstein 27 May 05

My favorite example of this comes from truly terrible CRM software I was charged with installing and managing years ago (I’ve blocked the name). Whenever the system would choke and generate an error (many times a day), the title bar on the error box read “Application Enhancement Opportunity!” (Eventually we gave the vendor the “opportunity” to avoid a lawsuit by refunding our money.)

Sam Sugar 27 May 05

This is clearly a result of the moral ‘majority’ acting through corporations to punish lust. I hear that Cialis makes your palms hairy and that drinking beer opens a gateway to hell.

Ben Whitehouse 27 May 05

They must mean that users of Viagra go blind with lust… or perhaps it drives users so crazy… how can I put this politely… that they will have a “penicular event” with anything that moves.

Jeffrey 28 May 05

I say it’s a fair tradeoff. It would be more depressing to use your perfect eyes to stare at your limp penis.

LNJ 30 May 05

Actually, I heard that Viagra causes vision loss in some men due to the “sudden and untimely event of blood being rerouted to other body organs and away from the head and optical nerves”. I guess us men really can only use one head at a time.

B 31 May 05

I’m only going to use Viagra until I need glasses.

Shoestringer 31 May 05

Great! So, is Rafael Palmeiro going to explain the side-effects in a TV ad? He promoted it, didnt he??

G. I. 03 Jun 05

My penis is hard as a rock without any Viagra. On the other hand I wear glasses. Looks like I’m always on the natural way.