The Fading Ad Campaign Matt 28 Mar 2005

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The Fading Ad Campaign is a photographic project documenting vintage mural ads on building brickfaces in New York City. “A number of the vintage ads I’ve documented have been preserved by buildings being built next to them, only to be revealed years later when the adjacent building has been torn down. Some images have survived by the sheer luck of having a northern exposure,” says Frank H. Jump, the man behind the project.

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Jeremy Flint 28 Mar 05

My favorite part is chasing the thumbnails around from page to page.

But seriously, great photos. There are tons of old mural ads like that around the south.

Christopher Fahey 28 Mar 05

Dammit! I just started the same mural-archiving project concept (they’re way ahead of me, though). I’m distorting the perspective on my pics, making them rectilinear (not in perspective, but straight-on) so that I can collage them all onto a continuous image of a brick wall.


Lisa Tucker 09 Dec 05

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