The funniest few days in history? Ryan 25 Oct 2005

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Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart, Lewis Black, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Larry David, Chris Rock, Garry Shandling, and Jerry Seinfeld will be sharing the stage Nov 17-19 in Las Vegas for the inaugural edition of The Comedy Festival. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog will also host a late-night variety show, plus Maher will host a late-night “For Adults Only” show with Gilbert Gottfried and Sarah Silverman. Ha!

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Don Wilson 25 Oct 05

Adding Dane Cook to the list of comedians would have made it just that much better.

Don Wilson 25 Oct 05

After reading the article, he’s there. Excellent.

Jamie Tibbetts 25 Oct 05

Dane Cook is involved.

Travis Bell 25 Oct 05

Holy frack! Chicago here I come!

SH 25 Oct 05

“…sharing the stage Nov 17-19 in Las Vegas…”

Jack Brewster 25 Oct 05

Got my tickets for Lewis Black and Dave Attel on 11/17.

And I thought moving to Vegas was going to suck. :)

Jay Santos 25 Oct 05

You want a really good show?

Two words:

warren 25 Oct 05

gilbert gottfried and sarah silverman doing “adults only” comedy — hmm, for some reason the word “aristocrats” comes to mind.

Rabbit 25 Oct 05

@ Jack Brewster

Vegas *does* suck.

i hate not heart G.Gottfried. 25 Oct 05

Gilbert Gottfried needs to die. I am sick of his schtick.

Dan 25 Oct 05

Sarah Silverman is one of the best comics out there in my humble opinion. She makes me lol, irl…

Jack 25 Oct 05

Damn sounds awesome. Wish I could go. :(

Don Wilson 25 Oct 05

Sarah’s bit “she’s always doing something wrong that she doesn’t know is wrong but continues to explain how she doesn’t know about said subject” is getting really tired.

Dan Boland 26 Oct 05

Thank you Don. Finally someone agrees with me.