The Getting Real Workshop: Sold out in 12 hours Jason 30 Nov 2005

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Yesterday we announced the Getting Real Workshop at about 3pm Central, and less than 12 hours later we’ve sold out all 50 seats. Thanks to everyone who signed-up — we’re looking forward to seeing you on January 27th. Dress warm!

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Brian Breslin 30 Nov 05

WOW. That was fast! Good thing I got my spot early.

Eric Meyer 30 Nov 05

Day-um! I’m seriously impressed (and, okay, yeah, a tiny little bit envious). Congratulations on such a smash success!

Doug 30 Nov 05

I’m so disappointed because I was going to sign up today. About adding another day or two … or three?

Kevin Finn 30 Nov 05

Let’s see how fast you can sell out Saturday! I’ll take 2 spots.

zx 30 Nov 05

i think you guys have great energy/ ideas and you are moving in a great direction.

regarding your apps, they are nice, but nothing special. with time you won’t be able to compete with the “big boys”…

Jason = Anthony Robbins???

scott 30 Nov 05

Regarding the comment from ZX.

I am confused?
you say:
-you have great energy
-you have great ideas
-your moving in a great direction

You then say:
-your apps are ok, nice but nothing special
-you won’t be able to compete

So what are you really trying to say? Your great but you are nothing special and you won�t be able to compete. I do beg to differ.

These guys are succeeding in spite of the big boys. You see that is the point even though there are these big boys playing in their space they continue to thrive. Because the big boys can�t play in their particular niche.

I am in the design industry. My needs are filled by their product. I didn�t want a fullblown intranet with tie in to every aspect of my business. I mean sure I would like it but it doesn�t make sense to my company. A> I can�t afford it B> I am not big enough c> I work with technology-ludites.

So I need a system that will allow me to track project requirements and share with my clients. Perfect! they have listened to the marketplace they have translated those needs to workable webbased solutions. I wanted a less complicated solution. I wanted something that solved my project tracking and communication issues. That is it.

I think the other thing you have to look at is what in your mind is success? I think these guys are a huge success. Is a market cap of 50 billion success sure if that is what your goal is. But I truly don�t think that the goal of 37signals is to be that company.

I see nothing but potential and success for these guys. I am sure in their minds that they are a success. which they are.

See for them success is selling out a 50 seat session in 12 hours.
You guys create great experiences. Don�t let someone who can�t see the forest thru the trees dull your pursuits!

Keep on rocking �.and if you had 51 seats I would be there


zx 30 Nov 05

hi jason,

first i would like to mention to you that i meant no disrespect..the opposite is true and i will try rephrase.

as i am not a regular on your blog i don’t think that i have sufficient information in order to give you a precise point of view.
i did read a few of your posts, listened to an interesting podcast with you (ETech 05) and tried BC, BP & Ta-da for a few days. on this basis i will try to reply. Oop…have to go now but be sure that i will back tomorrow with a response.


btw - i think i know what success is. in the materialistic sense of the word i have bean extremely fortunate so far, but that alone is not a measure of success in my book. to be continued..

Jaime Macias 30 Nov 05

Can’t wait for the seminar, had to use some quicktalking and fast hands to convince my 2 partners to attend with me but we are looking forward to seeing you guys in January.


Brandon 01 Dec 05

I just hope you guys decide to do another workshop soon after. I wasn’t able to convince my partner to attend in time, so we missed it selling out. Hopefully by the next announcement we’ll be ready!

Brandon 01 Dec 05

Hey guys - I just had an idea!! How about doing a paid webcast for those of us not able to make it to the seminar? I’d be willing to pay to be able to log in and see the entire seminar from my office. Since there are less expenses incurred, $495 sounds like a reasonable price. What do you say? PLEASE?

JF 01 Dec 05

I’m curious: Does anyone know of any companies that will come in, film a conference, and stream it in real time? 01 Dec 05

hi Jason,

i really wanted to give you my response..but i am amazed by how bad you take criticism. very disappointing! i was under the impression that you are the “think different guy”?

btw - i know what you are going to before you do remember - sometimes less needs a bit more and more is free to say whatever he wants! more or less;)

Anonymous Coward 01 Dec 05

btw2 - i am giving your apps another try.

but only if you keep suporting “macs”…just kidding, even if your not;)

JF 01 Dec 05

zx, I didn’t respond to any of your comments. Scott was the person who responded.

zx 02 Dec 05 was all for nothing.

*but you did close this “Ta-da List turns 1,000,000” post when the comments became unfavorable, or you diddn’t?

**can sombody please get me Scoot on the line;)????

Brandon 02 Dec 05

Jason, I’ve never used a company that comes in and provides the filming and streaming as a service, but there are a lot of software applications that do real-time streaming. All you need is a dedicated IP address.

But, I’d suggest NOT streaming it in real time. Record the entire thing with maybe two cameras. You can use any MiniDV camera - just make sure you have good audio. An XL2 has a lot of capabilities, though expensive.

After you’ve got the video and audio, just cut them together using Premier or Final Cut Pro (depending on your OS there) or have a company edit it. Nothing fancy, just a little better than one static wide-angle camera the whole time. A closeup here and there would be nice.

I do a lot of outsourced web work for a media company that does this type of thing. There are a ton of smaller media companies that could edit that for you on the cheap.

Once edited, you could sell DVD’s, stream it to paying customers on your site, etc.

I’d pay for it… especially if I could get a DVD to watch again and again.

Josh 02 Dec 05

Is there a waiting list for spots? I was just about to sign-up last night and saw you are sold out! Would you be able to add another date or two or make that dvd discussed above - a great idea. Thanks!