The Getting Real Workshop (was the Building of Basecamp Workshop) Jason 29 Nov 2005

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We’d like to announce our next workshop: The Getting Real Workshop. The workshop incorporates the material from the original Building of Basecamp Workshop plus features new content from lessons learned while building and launching Backpack and Writeboard. We may even be able to incorporate some material from at least two of the new products we’re working on now (no guarantees though — it all depends on how far along they are).

The workshop is January 27th, in Chicago. The one-day workshop runs from 9-5. Continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks are included (all catered by Wolfgang Puck Catering). Registration is limited to 50 people (all 6 previous Building of Basecamp workshops sold out). Registration is $695/person with discounts when you register 3 or more people at the same time.

We’re very excited to present this new material and hope to see you on January 27th. Find out more and sign-up today!

UPDATE: The workshop sold out in 12 hours!

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dmr 29 Nov 05

I hadn’t seen the workshop. page until today, it’s nice highlight.

Two comments:
-there’s some hit-and-miss usage of proper quotes (picky picky).
-rather than buzz about the products, it would be great to read comments directly from folks who went to the workshops.

Dave 29 Nov 05

Come on guys. What’s the deal? 695$. You must be kidding. Don’t get me wrong. I use basecamp and read “Defensive..” and really love your work, but I fear you are getting too commercial here. Reminds me of this post I read today.

Brian 29 Nov 05

I know it starts on the 27th. But it doesn’t say anywhere (or I missed it) how long it is. Just the weekend? Please post that info as well as the venue. thanks!

Brian 29 Nov 05

Duh! nevermind. maybe I should read the whole article!

JF 29 Nov 05

The workshop is one day.

Javier Cabrera 29 Nov 05

I’m just too sad of not being able to get there. I’m like, countries and countries away! If anyone can go, then just go!
Those guys are amazingly good on what they are doing, they should know their stuff.

I mean, If I pay $695 for a workshop, I would the person who gives the workshop know his stuff, and JF/team knows their stuff very well (just look backpack!)

I’m sad! :_(

ratioswitch 29 Nov 05

So … this just popped up a few hours ago.
Is it sold out yet?

Brandon 29 Nov 05

C’mon, what are you guys complaining about? Look into some one-day conferences before you start complaining about costs. That’s really not a bad price.

After all, they have to rent a place to hold the event, cater it, pay the employees to speak, prepare the materials, buy a projector and equipment (or rent it), etc.

If I was around Chicago I’d be there. Unfortunately it would cost me a lot more than $695 after airline tickets, hotel room, rental car, etc. Maybe next time though.

JF 29 Nov 05

UPDATE: Roughly 30 minutes after the announcement we’re 25% sold out. Seats are going fast so if you want to attend you should sign up quickly.

Spike 29 Nov 05


The “What is this” link next to the verification code takes is null (or at least doesn’t work in Firefox 1.5 / WinXP).

Do I get a free ticket so SF and free entry to the workshop? :-)

Ryan Heneise 29 Nov 05

Sigh… I’ve been wanting to go to your workshop for the past 6 workshops. Alas, I’ve already committed to SXSW and RailsConf 2006, and those ate up my whole conference budget.

Please have another workshop later in 2006!

David Heinemeier Hansson 29 Nov 05

Dave: Higher prices is how you ration supply to more accurately met demand. With half the workshop sold out in just a few hours, it would seem that demand is still going to outstrip supply. So arguably, it should have been priced even higher :).

Joe 29 Nov 05

There seems to be a lot of overlap in the workshop description with what you’ve said will be in your Getting Real book.

So what are the extra goodies that you get with this workshop that won’t be in your upcoming book?

JF 29 Nov 05

The book covers a lot of this material in short essay form. In the workshop we cover the key points in more depth plus there’s ample time for Q&A and improvisation based on people’s feedback during the day. I’ve always found that at least 50% of the value of material like this is just being there, asking questions, sharing experiences, learning from other people’s experiences, etc.

James 29 Nov 05

How about recording the day and printing a limited run on DVD (in Jewelboxes of course) for all of us stuck several timezones away? I’d sure pay to grab a copy (and even make it a package deal - maybe a discount on the upcoming book?)

Hrush 29 Nov 05

Hey, I’ll chime in with James - being about halfway around the world, I’d happily pay for a DVD.

Jeff Hartman 29 Nov 05

I got some real with the $495 price last April (and glad I did). Those attending this next one for $695 must be getting even more real, probably with a touch of bonus real.

Hurry and get in at this price before there at 10 people on the payroll. :)

Seriously, it’s all worth it.

David Ham 29 Nov 05

Sounds good, but one thing: unless your caterer is a spoof, it’s probably Wolfgang *Puck*.

Also, I second the comment above about testimonials from past workshop attendees. I was glad to see the BlinkSale reference, but other comments from people who were there would be cool.

JF 29 Nov 05

Thanks David! We fixed it. And thanks for signing up.