The Museum of Modern Betas has been updated Jason 26 May 2006

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The Museum of Modern Betas has been updated. So far only 2.3% of the sites tracked have made it out of beta. There’s even a list of betas that aren’t out yet but are already ranked on And of course you need to check out the top 100 betas ranked by overall bookmarks at Sigh.

As we like to say around here… Rock sauce.

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Chris Busse 26 May 06

Man, the exposure from this list might have been worth doing a beta program instead of Getting Real and Testing in the Wild.

Kidding! But it is interesting to see where my projects rank on in relation to the list of the not yet released apps (“most anticipated”).

Luis 26 May 06

Wow, there’s a lot of stuff out there. Makes me wonder how many more to-do lists, time trackers, social networking apps are on the way.

I guess each is done, initially for love and want to fulfill a need, and eventually with the intention of being bought by one of the big boys (i.e. Writely, Flickr, etc.)

Jackson 26 May 06

How do you add an app to the list?

Dan Grossman 28 May 06

It was 37signals’ book that convinced me to drop the beta on my latest project and get something out to the public sooner rather than later.

ToddZ 30 May 06

“Rock sauce”…?

AhmedF 01 Jun 06

I’m not sure how accurate that list is - we went out of beta a while ago (we were never officially in ‘beta’) - so if they have missed us, they might have missed quite a few others.

Bryan W 01 Jun 06

AhmedF I emailed the site owner about my web app going out of beta and they updated the page. Contact them and let them know.

AhmedF 01 Jun 06

Yeah just did and they replied really quickly.

My point was more that the onus of notifying the site is on the developer, not themselves. Which is all fine and dandy, but saying that its likely they have missed a few sites that are now out of beta.