The new Technorati Matt 10 Jun 2005

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Technorati announces the launch of its new beta site. Here’s a look at some search results and expanded tag functionality ( if your search matches a tag, the site brings in photos and links from flickr, furl, delicious, and buzznet as well).

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pixelenator 10 Jun 05

man, they have the coolest google ad layout, that i’ve seen so far… I didn’t even know that google would allow you to do something like that..

zeitgeist 10 Jun 05

Suggested tagline: “Technorati Beta: Because it couldn’t get any worse”

Ramin 10 Jun 05

I like the new layout, but they really need to re-think the type face. Is it just me, or is that font hard to read? Maybe its the choice of colors or something? The blue in the links bothers my eyes and the really black, bold text is a little too much as well. Tone it down a bit Technoguys.

Tinus 11 Jun 05

Why are they even thinking about dropping the current layout? I mean, this is in no way an improvement. Why not just expand the current site with new functionality instead of cramming everything into one page? Why not launch or something and make a portal over there? Why slaughter the goose with the golden eggs? Questions, questions, questions…

Bryan C 13 Jun 05

Ramin’s right, there’s something about that font that just doesn’t work. The spacing seems too tight, and the letterforms too busy.