The New Visionaries video interview Jason 14 Mar 2006

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Stowe Boyd recently made a trip to Chicago and found some time to interview me about our products, our philosophies, our ideas, what’s next and more. The video of the interview is available online now in a variety of formats.

The interview is the first in a series titled “The New Visionaries.” Future interviewees include Dave Sifry of Technorati, Chris Messina of Flock, Satish Dharmaraj of Zimbra, Mary Hodder of Dabble, and Michael Tanne of Wink.

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Bas 14 Mar 06

I wanted to view it untill I noticed the movie was 291.6 Mb. Sorry

Gstfssn 14 Mar 06

Interesting interview. I guess we’re all very curious about the new apps coming that you mention in the interview!
When I heard about the new apps coming I started thinking about all your logos. Will you ever be running out of ideas for logos fitting in your nice little “bubble”? And btw, are you making the logos yourself?

louis w 14 Mar 06

nice video, but i thought it was an interview with YOU not the stowe. jesus it was hard for you to get a word in edge wise. might i suggest in his future interviews that he asks questions and allows people to talk, not keep injecting his opinion and descriptions of the question he just asked.

Sean Warburton 14 Mar 06

I didn’t enjoy the interview, I thought you were very similar characters and the guy interviewing you seemed to have too much to say, as a result, it was more debate than interview and I think that your strong opinions and beliefs don’t make you an ideal candate for having a debate with.

I did enjoy your SXSW podcast though. I have always had a preconception of you that I now think was wrong, in your written pieces you can often come across as arrogant, that isn’t the case verbally.

steven romej 14 Mar 06

I think his series of interviews has a lot of potential, but I did get the feeling while watching it that he was talking too much.
I clicked semi-randomly to future parts of the video and 4 out of 5 times it was Stowe talking.

brad 14 Mar 06

I was going to make the same comment: rule 1 of good interviewing is for the interviewer to stay in the background and let the interviewee do the talking. This guy reminded me too much of Christopher Lydon (who’s infamous for outtalking his interviewees), but it’s probably just because he’s not used to this medium. The long prologue was also a bit tedious and unnecessary; I would have cut right to the interview. But podcasting today is where desktop publishing was in the mid 1980s…the tools are available but most people don’t know how to use them effectively yet.

darren 14 Mar 06

The signal to noise ratio of this interview was very low (the interviewer talks way too much).

Josh Petersen 14 Mar 06

Beware of men in berets!

Ken Walker 14 Mar 06

“People are the living, beating heart of the universe.” That’s nice.

Yeah, agreed: interviewer talks too much. After about 90 seconds, I skipped past the prologue entirely. The sound could have been a lot better, too. Stowe would do better with some wireless mics.

It was good to hear some more Friedisms, though. Loved the book, waiting for the full-length movie release.

Dan 14 Mar 06

I wanted to comment on the part near the end where Jason said that some people feel Basecamp has become to complex with all the tabs from recently added functionality. To add another “why don’t you just…..” to the list of all the suggestions you receive, why not have a settings tab over by the people and search tab where you can enable and disable features the use might or might not want to use? You could even do away with the people tab and throw this in the settings tab too. Wouldn’t this make the interface less cluttered for people who wish to not use some of the functionality you have added to basecamp?

As for the interview in general, I found it interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Jon 19 Mar 06

It was a very interesting interview well worth the download ( I was hestitant at the 42 minutes / 250MB length at first ).

Phil 08 Apr 06

I got annoyed at the interuptions and talking over one-another as well. Interesting interview though. I always tend to find new gems when the 37s people talk about stuff.