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Getting Real Workshop

Here we go again! The next Getting Real Workshop will be on June 26th in Chicago at the Gleacher Center.

The last two workshops (photos) sold out in one day. If you want in on this one you should act quickly. Seats are $895/person with discounts starting at 3 people.

Everyone who attends will also receive a copy of Getting Real, the book. The workshop and the book cover similar ground, but in significantly different ways. The material covered in the workshop is also deeper in key spots. Finally we’re happy to answer any questions you have in person (books still can’t talk).

We hope to see you there. Register today!

(For those keeping track, the Getting Real workshop is on the Monday following the Chicago RailsConf. If you’re in town for RailConf you may want to stay an extra day for Getting Real.)

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Javier Cabrera (CYM) 18 May 06

Hey Jason, the “What is this” button on the credit card verification number is pointing to the same address (isn’t working) I think (I may be wrong).

Take it easy and good luck with it! (you guys don’t need it but anyway!) ;)

Javier Cabrera

Ryan 18 May 06

$895, huh? Guess that excludes us common folk.

Javier Cabrera (CYM) 18 May 06

I would pay every penny, it’s worth it.
Their book is just $19, and that includes us common folks ;)

Most of their apps are $14, $16, $20; so I think it’s fair they charge almost $1000 for person if they want to do a workshop!

Just my 2 cents ;)

Javier Cabrera

Rob Cameron 18 May 06

I say we carry over the idea from the Getting Real 75-day Update comments and record the workshop! You could probably get $100 a pop for a DVD of the entire day. You’ll get a whole slew of people who can’t afford the $895 + trip to Chicago. Those that want the benefit of questions/answers and lunch with the guys will still pay full price for the workshop. Win-win!

Rob Cameron 18 May 06

Of course the $100 would be for a full featured DVD with “interactive menus” and 5.1 sound. With explosions.

DHH 18 May 06

Once we grow tired of giving the presentation in person, we’ll definitely consider creating a recording of the show.

Matt Todd 18 May 06

I’d love to go, but I’m already pushing my poor student budget overboard getting to RailsConf!

I like the DVD idea, though: I could recoup and pay the $100 when I have it free for it; that’s a respectable amount and not too pricey considering.


Alistair Kearney 18 May 06

I’d love you get to one of these workshops, only problem is I live all the way down in down-under. Add ~$2000 for plane tickets, and it becomes one expensive exercise. heh. A DVD version would be a fantastic alternative. Or how about a tour of Aus?? :D

Ryan 18 May 06

I really didn’t set out to be a troll earlier, so I apologize for that offhanded comment.

But I am truly curious about the value proposition of the Getting Real Workshops. Javier, what is the value to you? Others who have been - what value have you come away with?

Dhrumil 18 May 06

Just signed up. Any chance of introducing the individuals who are attending before the conference date?

MJR 18 May 06

Once we grow tired of giving the presentation in person, we�ll definitely consider creating a recording of the show.

Who in their right mind would ever “grow tired” of getting $900 a head? I understand this is an aspect of your business - but with such support and advocacy for small teams, I can’t imagine many small business owners who are able to fork over $900 plus expenses for a one day workshop. Myself included.

Natalie Ferguson 18 May 06

While you’re touring Australia, head over to NZ, we like to get real here too :) We’re also big on small companies and on being small in general (being a tiny dot on the bottom of most maps)
This takes us off the tour schedule for most big acts, but probably suits you guys down to a tee … Also, we’re used to everything from America being double what we pay here, so we probably won’t complain too much about the pricing either.

DHH 18 May 06

We grow tired of doing the same of anything for too long. Profitable or not. Before the Getting Real workshop, we did Building of Basecamp, but eventually did get tired of that. Took a long break, then started up another workshop with fresh content.

And its good that not everyone are falling over themselves to pay the sticker seeing as the supply is pretty limited (just 70 seats every 2-4 months). Price is the means to regulate demand when supply is scarce.

Just in the last few hours, we’ve sold more than 1/4 of the seats. So judging from that, demand is actually still too high for the asking price. Anyways.

Alex Mingoia 18 May 06

I think the DVD is a great idea! I think you would make more money and reach a much wider audience if you recorded it and sold a DVD for like $25-50 bucks. Students like me could afford that. I’ll bet there are more people who visit this site with $25 to spend rather than $900.

I haven’t bought anything from you guys; Instead, I just gain a lot from following your blog, and I’ve done a trial of some of your services. However, I would have bought Getting Real if it were in print and I definately would buy a DVD. (and the web apps if I needed them)

Fred Simmons 18 May 06

DVD schmeeVD.

Swati 19 May 06

I believe even I could take a $100 for a DVD recording.

Joel Mueller 19 May 06

Hi Jason. I’d like to see a history of supply/demand of your conference that shows past attendence along with the rising price of your seminars. I almost sent one of my guys your way to the conference until I realized the price tag. I’d rather just download one of the MP3s that contained a large amount of minutes of you speaking in one of your conferences.

Anyway, my main point is that I’d be interested (if you’re open) to see a graph of the increase of cost associated with the demand. Cheers, -j

MJR 19 May 06

From your own stats you have over 26000 people reading this blog. So out of 26000 people who are interested in what you do, a percentage of that group would like to go to the workshop. Even if its 10% we’re talking about 2600 who are people interested. I think it would be MUCH higher than 10%.

You said you think the demand is still too high for the price. 18 out of 26000 people so far? 00.069% conversion is too high? Yes it will sell out. 70 people out of your audience of 26000+ will attend and can afford $900 plus expenses.

I just think the cost is prohibitive for way too many people(ie. the underdogs, the very small teams, etc). So I think it means that you’re probably not going to get very many attendees who are bootstrapping or starting out, unless they have some form of funding. Instead you’re getting people who are already part of some successful venture - where they can afford $900 for a single day workshop.

Aaron 19 May 06

Just a quick one is the CSS not showing up on the main SVN blog page? Looks unformatted, new version coming? Nice to see it works “print style”!

JF 19 May 06

So I think it means that you�re probably not going to get very many attendees who are bootstrapping or starting out, unless they have some form of funding.

Most people who attend are from small bootstrapped companies, actually. They see $900 as a good investment in their company.

Bill P 19 May 06

Yes, $900 is expensive.


Getting real book + SVN + ItConversations + David Allen GTD book + a dozen or so Rails podcasts + a dozen or so Getting Real podcasts + Defensive Design book = a pretty solid home-grown “class” for those who can’t afford to go.

I’d say 37S are being pretty generous, and that $900 is prefectly fine given all of the free training they’ve already given us.

There is something about attending in person and leaving your current work environment behind. You learn more & think clearer. The workshop is still highly recommended in my book.

Nick 19 May 06

Waitaminute. You’d pay $100 for a friggin’ DVD!? I don’t care if Jesus is on there saving my soul, no DVD should cost a c-note.

Roger Dragone 19 May 06

900 dollars is way too expensive for a small team. You better give me the exact location of the holy grail for that amount. What justifies such a high amount, that’s my question. Do you have such gigantic expenses?

Steven Krein 19 May 06

Any plans for a NYC workshop?

Steven Krein 19 May 06

Any plans for a NYC workshop?

Steven Krein 19 May 06

Any plans for a NYC workshop?

DHH 19 May 06

Roger, the justification is that even at supposedly “too expensive”, more people want to come than we have seats. And recently, the vast majority of those people have come from small teams.

You’re of course the king of what’s valuable to you, but in the face of evidence to the contrary, it’s probably a mistake to generalize your perception of value to be representative for the generic “small team”.

Steven, we currently don’t have any plans to take the show on the road.

P.S.: Just under half the seats are now sold. If you want to join us in June, you’ll probably need to decide sooner rather than later. Looking forward to seeing all that signed up!