The Photography of Rodney Smith Jamis 12 Nov 2005

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I went to the BYU Museum of Art with my family this evening, and was delighted to discover a gallery of photographs by Rodney Smith. I’d never seen anything by him before, and in only a few short minutes I had completely fallen in love with his style. His photographs are (largely) black-and-white, with a subject matter ranging from thought-provoking to humorous in a very spontaneous way. The pamphlet accompanying the gallery describes his work thus:

Appearing as a tangible artifact, his images nevertheless convey a dream-like, otherworldly sensibility. They are elegant and spare, enticing and harmonious.

Some of my favorites from the portfolio page are: 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7.

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Brady 13 Nov 05

Dig it - and stock photos on the website to boot?! Very nice.

Dav 13 Nov 05

Amazing photographs. I love the design of the portfolio page too.

[email protected] 13 Nov 05

The photos are great.

I made a little video once and now It’s a finalist in the MSNBC video contest.

I’m sticking it to the man!

Bernd 13 Nov 05

Great pictures indeed, but the website sucks, to be honest. All graphics, no alt/title-parameters used.

Alexandre Juneau 13 Nov 05

absolutely stunning… #3 hit me the most :)

jm 14 Nov 05

I’m glad you liked Mr. Smith’s work, Jamis. He actually has an affinity for BYU, with a long list of alumni as his interns and employees. This includes the site’s designer, David Meredith, who actually gets much, much more recognition for his print design. To my knowledge, this is the only site David has designed.

Disclaimer: I managed the site construction and it’s hosted on my servers.

Jessica 16 Nov 05

I ve seen alot of his works and i like most of them my favorite is the one of the railroad have you seeen that one?