The power of choreography Matt 12 Aug 2005

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A music video with no budget, no actors, no special effects, no instruments, and just one camera set up on a tripod in a backyard? OK Go shows how far a little creativity — and choreography — can take a band in the video for “A Million Ways” (16 MB).

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rc 12 Aug 05


Michael Spina 12 Aug 05

Fun video! I like when the video for a song supports rather than interferes with or distracts from the music, like just about 99.95% of everything out there does.

Gilbert Lee 12 Aug 05

That is probably more difficult to do than having a full crew producing the video. That was sweet!

Sandor Weisz 12 Aug 05

Yet another reason to adore OK Go.

I tried to join a dance troupe at summer camp once. Exceedingly difficult. I can’t imagine the practice it took to get this whole routine down.

Kim Siever 12 Aug 05

Very cool.

And the song’s sweet to boot.

Jomdom 12 Aug 05

Best part: Matrix so-mo punches.

Very well done. I loved the song too!

Richard Bird 12 Aug 05

What really makes it work? It presents as if the entire routine is improvised.. very fresh much like a rehearsal. And, of course, it could not have been. Absolutely incredible.

Sh 12 Aug 05

I love OK Go and I liked this video too, but I think I liked it more the first time I saw it when it was called Fatboy Slim.

George Vuckovic 13 Aug 05

They closed out their show at the Empty Bottle earlier this year with this song, with the dance performed live on stage.

Dan Hartung 13 Aug 05

Hey, this had an entirely different dynamic. You might as well say you liked it the first time you saw it, when it was called “Michael Jackson’s Thriller”. For one thing, the FBS video depends on the perception of fanboy geekiness, but here it’s the band who’s all nerdy.

Grayson 13 Aug 05

Sh - Great point, the thing is, Spike Jonze didn’t come up with the idea to record choreography on video - he just did it first in this format, and with a pop song.

ozmm 13 Aug 05

I didn’t know they had a new album coming out, you guys just made my day. The self titled is stellar, and so is this video. Can’t wait for August 30th.

fran diamond 15 Aug 05

Also fun to watch is their dueling “corporate” vs. “homemade” videos for “Don’t Ask Me.” “Orange” is their homemade version, which is charming and sweet. The other is the professional version complete with Robert Palmer-esque mannequin women. Ugh. But you be the judge!

Anonymous Reader 19 Aug 05

Very cool.

and seen on CBS news… The advent of vlogging. Damn cool entertaining news too.

Have a great day all.