The start of the Backpack calendar API Marcel 29 Sep 2006

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The Backpack calendar is getting an API. There is more to come, but for now we've started with a simple initial release that exposes three bits of functionality. You can now:

  • list all calendars for an account
  • add events to a calendar
  • fetch a specific event

The documentation for the API can be found at You can play around with the API easily from the command line using a tool like curl.

Listing all your calendars, for example, is as easy as:

curl -H 'X-BP-Token: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789' \

Adding a new event to a calendar just requires you specify a calendar_id and a title for the event:

curl -H 'X-BP-Token: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789' \
-d '<request><event>
       <calendar_id>5</calendar_id><title>10/31 Eat candy!</title>
     </event></request>' \

You can check the documentation for more details. It will tell you what HTTP request method you'll need to use, what paths to make the requests to, and what data, if any, is required.

As usual, we've supplied a simple Ruby client library that uses the API to help you get your feet wet.

It's always neat to see what cool things people build with our APIs. We're looking forward to what comes out of the calendar's. Enjoy!

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Weird Mal Crankovic 29 Sep 06

I want a Campfire API!

Daniel Drucker 29 Sep 06

I’m hoping for a Quicksilver module and a Dashboard widget to appear pretty quickly.

pwb 29 Sep 06

Wow, you used the word “elided” in your documentation. Hadn’t heard that one before.

Ali Daniali 29 Sep 06

Thank you!

Now voiceCal for Backpack will integrate much better.


JF 29 Sep 06

Re: Campfire API. See Marshmallow. We’re using it here and we love it.

Matt Pennig 30 Sep 06

Hello 37signals,

With the addition of the Calendar to the API, can we also expect the addition of multiple lists to the API as well?

It has been one of the most requested features for my Backpack widget, and I’d love to implement it for its users.

caroline 01 Oct 06


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