The two-headed tiger Matt 30 Mar 2005

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Samtec, a manufacturer of PC Board level interconnects, uses a lot of tiger imagery on their site. But check out this image they use for custom products:

A tiger with a head at each end, eh? Nothing says good custom product design like a swoosh combined with a disturbing freak-of-nature image!

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Matt 30 Mar 05

Freaky. And kind of disturbing..

Jamie 30 Mar 05

I like how this image out of context (and even in context) calls the 2-headed tiger a “Custom Product”. Somehow the combination also resulted in 2 legs. Strange. Hey, what were you doing on this site anyway? :P

kingbenny 30 Mar 05

I’ve actually ordered parts from them several times, even custom ones, but never noticed the freaky 2-headed tiger… what a trip. I guess nothing says “custom” better than “genetic mutation”.

David Holtz 30 Mar 05

I’m glad that this could be the reason for my first smile of the day.

CraigB 30 Mar 05

I can just imagine it all falling apart when the technical director at Samtec mentioned to the web designers,

“I’ve got this really cool idea for the design!”

huphtur 30 Mar 05

They should have used the Liger!

Deb: What are you drawing?
Napoleon Dynamite: A liger.
Deb: What’s a liger?
Napoleon Dynamite: It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.

beto 30 Mar 05

Two-headed tigers? Must be an Asian Thang™

Looks like they’re from somewhere in China, btw. That may explain a lot.

seth 30 Mar 05

Eff the liger…I’m all about tigons!

But hey who cares…if they can make 2 headed tigers consider my order placed

Su 30 Mar 05

Guys, hotlinking images is tacky.

At first, I’d thought maybe the entry itself was messed up.

Jachin 30 Mar 05

Even better than the two-headed tiger is the large menu item on the front page: “Sudden Service” :)

Paladin 31 Mar 05

Back when I worked for marchFIRST Samtec was a client and they’d override creative consistently with their in-house stuff. Looks like they’re still at it. Ouch.

D.Bogus 01 Apr 05

I think it is a cultural thing. I’ve noticed that a lot of brands at the local asian grocery store are animal brands. I have a big bag of “Deer” brand rice and a bottle of “Squid” brand fish sauce. Why not “Double-Tiger” brand electronics?

Anonymous Coward 14 Dec 05

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