The unknown architect Ryan 05 Apr 2006

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Buildings by unknown architects

Wanna find the best of the best in buildings? Forget the starchitects and search for architect unknown.

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Noah 05 Apr 06

Dare I say it?


It’s sad so little is built from stone these days, generations to come will have nothing to make web 109.0 apps about

Adrian 05 Apr 06

Little Moreton Hall (centre pic) is about a mile from where I live.

I never thought I’d see you guys talk about something so (quite literally) close to home!

Anonymous Coward 05 Apr 06

I’m pretty sure I’ve been to that Japanese castle, do you have the name of it?

Ross 05 Apr 06

Adrian, Is that the house on the A34 as you come into Congleton from the South - looks like it is going to fall over at any moment?

A lot of the buildings in that style were (if I recall correctly, probably not) made using parts of ships that were decommissioned for the black wooden segments - hence the bendy bits - not the technical name for them I’m sure. I can’t recall if was Tudor or not but in my nearest city (Chester) that style is fairly prevalent.

RS 05 Apr 06

Anonymous Coward: Himeji Castle.

DT 05 Apr 06

I prefer the simplicity of an early american colonial or saltbox. The three buildings above look way too complicated for me.

Dominic 06 Apr 06

Hey nice to know there are some fellow northern Englanders on here

Timber frames usually distorted because they used large unseasoned timber members. So the timber dries out after construction. A lot of the stuff in Chester is actually very good Victorian reproalthough there is some medieval stuff…

Paul B 08 Apr 06

Dominic, ditto the fellow ‘Northerner Englanders’ comment. I think Little Moreton Hall is slightly post Tudor, but true the the half timbered style of construction, if my recollection of the local history stuff we studied while at school in Congleton is correct.