The upload bird Ryan 23 Feb 2006

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It seems that whenever we test file uploading in Campfire, someone inevitably sends this image:

Upload bird

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coudal 23 Feb 06

I guess you might call it “flipping the bird.”

Steven 23 Feb 06

If someone hasn’t already uploaded that image to Cute Overload they should. This bird is going places.

nate 23 Feb 06

First thing’s first: that bird needs an agent!

nate 23 Feb 06

And hey, whatever happened to the Privacy Policy?!

Geoff B 23 Feb 06

I normally try to avoid posting when I don’t have a point.

That is a really, really cute bird. I have a pet bird. His name is Kippy.

Does that count as a point?

Marcel Molina Jr. 23 Feb 06

It’s the unofficial Campfire mascot. Even its plumage is campfiry.

Sammy 23 Feb 06

Does anyone else remember the old “dippy bird” java documentation tool?

anonymous 23 Feb 06

If anyone cares, this is a peach-faced lovebird. See, even the name is cute. Also, it is a “lutino” mutant. Otherwise, it would be green.

JF 23 Feb 06

It’s Noodle.

Greg DeVore 23 Feb 06

Just FYI - in regards to file uploading. We are using the 30 day trial of Campfire and are really liking it. Just one thing - I can’t delete uploaded files. I search and find the file in “Files and Transcripts” like is says on the FAQ page but no delete option appears when I rollover the file.

Rahul 23 Feb 06


RS 23 Feb 06

Greg: Please email support instead of posting a comment on SvN.

Mike Rundle 23 Feb 06

That’s the bird that keeps trying to steal Jason’s car :)

Brad Daily 23 Feb 06

Man, if I ever got that close to my budgee with a camera, she would *freak*…

Marcus 23 Feb 06

o rly?

nico 23 Feb 06

hey* somebody remove the poop from the original photo!

louis w 23 Feb 06

thats funny cause whenever i test uploading i use a picture of a cat.

rly 23 Feb 06



Daniel, Rogue Connect 23 Feb 06

Ha, very cute! You’re not going to post the nudey pics that people upload though are you :P

Ned Braden 23 Feb 06

the canary in a coalmine test

Observer 24 Feb 06

So, what about ‘bird flu’?

Tim 24 Feb 06

Horray for Noodle!

I, on the other hand, always use a picture of my cat! (Much like Louis W it would appear)

What is it that makes us upload pictures of animals?

A. Casalena 24 Feb 06

Ya, rly.


RyanA 24 Feb 06

I always use a picture of my dog!

Everybody laughs at that picture :)

Boris 24 Feb 06

No wai!

bannthis 24 Feb 06

Community brand building…

1. Post a reoccurring picture of bright, snarky bird.
2. Everyone feels it.
3. Someone says it looks like campfire.
4. Someone says it should be in the logo.
5. 37 puts it in the logo.
6. Logo has a customer relations story.

I think we are at step 3.
who votes for 4?

Tony 24 Feb 06


Campfire… bird
Campfire… bird

Nope. Not seeing it.

Campfire… fire
Campfire… fire

Yep. That that fits. Well, look at that! They used fire for the logo.


Rabbit 24 Feb 06

On the topic of the CF logo, I think it’s cute. :)

Anyone notice that you can hover over the greyscale CF logo in a chat and it rolls-over with the color version? XD

stl 24 Feb 06


That is not peach 24 Feb 06

It’s Noodle!!!

obligatory monty python quote 24 Feb 06

And when the upload fails…

It is a dead parakeet! It has ceased to be! It has gone to meet the campfire in the sky!

emma 25 Feb 06

This bird is looking sooooo pretty……….very comely.

bannthis 25 Feb 06

How about setting the bird on fire in the logo?

AWarnack 26 Feb 06

This is my photo! :) I’m glad someone removed his, ermmmm, mess. Thanks for all the nice comments about him (her? I’m not actually sure.)