The way how-to books should be done 23 Aug 2005

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I’ve never been more impressed with a how-to book than the The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair: 2000 Color How-To Photos (Black & Decker Home Improvement Library). The step-by-steps are detailed enough to give you confidence yet they’re simple enough to not intimidate. And the photography is stellar. It’s really makes you feel like you have an expert at your side. Well done.

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emm ess eff 23 Aug 05

That’s saying quite a lot.

Back in the early 90s when I was struggling with learning how to be “handy” I tried videos and CD-ROMs to help along my education.

Just like with auto repair (“do you have the Bentley book? You gotta have the Bentley”) I found that dead trees made for a better friend in the workshop.

Don Wilson 24 Aug 05

Score for the affid.