The world’s highest tennis court Matt 01 Apr 2005

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Pictures of Andre Agassi and Roger Federer volleying on the world’s highest tennis court, the helipad of Burj Al Arab luxury hotel in Dubai.

The world's highest tennis court

Not sure how much you really wanna hustle for those shots in the corners though.

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David Holtz 01 Apr 05

This seems awfully unsafe.

Chris S 01 Apr 05

Well, they’re all wearing specially designed tennis parachutes under their branded tennis shirts, designed for maximum drag at low-level openings. They’re saying it’s the next big thing in tennis.

Steve, via Den, Fla and now RDU 01 Apr 05

Is it me or has this April 1st been a busy one?

Bryan 01 Apr 05

Thanks, but I think I’ll pass.

Mark 01 Apr 05

Steve -

That’s an authentic photo. Not too long ago they hosted Tiger Woods on that same helipad lauching some tee shots off into the beach below.

One of several Steves 01 Apr 05

Yep, the shots are real. They’re actually about a month old.

And I’m still surprised that, apparently, they didn’t put any sort of guardrail up at all.

Steve, via Den, Fla and now RDU 01 Apr 05

No S#*t? Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle….

jordan 01 Apr 05

Is it me, or does that pad look like something off the /Enterprise/?

Jeff Hartman 01 Apr 05

Imagine the insurance policy they’ll have when the unveil the highest horseshoe pit and bowling alley next door.

Don Schenck 01 Apr 05

No need for insurance; it’s not in the United States. You fall, and — as building contractors always say — you’re automatically fired before you hit the ground.

I’m visiting there next week.

Grump 01 Apr 05

That would be rallying. A volley is a shot hit before it touches the ground.

Sunny 01 Apr 05

Its also possibly the highest driving range in the world. Tiger Woods teed off from there as well.

YH 01 Apr 05

I saw these pictures at least 3 months ago.

pb 01 Apr 05

you’re so far ahead of us, yh.

Matthew 02 Apr 05

I wouldn’t call it the worlds highest tennis court when it’s purpose is as a helipad.

Might as well park a few cars up there and call it the worlds highest garage too.

Jeff 05 Apr 05

Isn’t that the same city they’re building the underwater hotel?

Waleed 06 Apr 05

No, the underwater hotel is to be located in South America I believe.

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Jin 22 Feb 06

One scary tennis court…