Tod Maffin’s top 5 products of 2005 includes Basecamp Jason 29 Dec 2005

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The lists continue. This one is from Tod Maffin, National Technology Columnist for CBC Radio / CBC News: Canada Now.

He started with 242 candidates and ended up with his top 5:

  1. Apple Aperture
  2. XM Radio
  3. Basecamp (“I’m using it for development of CBC Radio’s upcoming podcast strategy, my own podcast network launch for the new year, and to manage my speaking engagements.”)
  4. Drupal
  5. Voltaic Solar Backpack

We’re honored to be in such great company. Thanks again for the recognition, Tod!

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Sebastien 29 Dec 05

The url for Drupal is and not .com.

Sean 29 Dec 05

I’d be interested in the 242 item starter list. Is it online?

Congrats, BTW!

MMI 29 Dec 05


Anonymous Coward 29 Dec 05

That should be, not

D 29 Dec 05


CM Harrington 29 Dec 05

Interesting. Clearly, he’s not used Aperture in any real capacity.

(for those of you who don’t know, adding metadata to an image is impossibly slow, even on a quad-proc machine and fast disk; when you export the RAW image to PS or TIFF, there are some *really* bad anomalies in the images, put in by the export process; there are also serious noise problems that ACR and others *don’t* have with the same image.)

But good on with the mention!

Amr Malik 08 Jan 06

Todd Maffin rocks! I wish he podcasted more frequently though.