TomKatting Matt 22 Jun 2005

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Tom Cruise Kills Oprah (Quicktime Video) is pretty damn funny. Then again, so are these (real) Tom/Oprah screengrabs. And I guess it was just a matter of time: Free Katie. “Join the movement to liberate Katie, a young, gifted, actress held captive by forces we may never understand.” Includes “We’re Totally In Love” World Tour 2005 t-shirts.

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andy 22 Jun 05

then there’s the delicious page i made:

Fred 22 Jun 05

Oh come on, this is crap.

indi 23 Jun 05

What is crap? Tom and Katie? Talking about Tom and Katie? Talking about talking about Tom and Katie?

Yeah, I know … it’s all crap ;-)

Jomdom 23 Jun 05

Haha! Lightning death!

Kim Siever 23 Jun 05

I think what Fred meant is that it’s crap Oprah didn’t blow up, disintegrate or burn to death.

Fred 23 Jun 05

I did indeed.
I sure wish she’d blow.


k 07 Feb 06