TR35: Technology Review’s Young Innovators Under 35 for 2006 Jason 08 Sep 2006

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TR35Since 1999, the editors of Technology Review have honored the young innovators whose inventions and research we find most exciting; today that collection is the TR35, a list of technologists and scientists, all under the age of 35. Their work—spanning medicine, computing, communications, electronics, nanotechnology, and more—is changing our world.

This year I’m honored to be one of the 35. Thanks to everyone who helped make that possible.

The list of 35 is diverse. From Seth Coe-Sullivan who created a possible way to make amazingly bright and colorful displays using quantum dots, to William King who invented the world’s smallest soldering iron, to Stephanie Lacour who invented stretchable electronic skin, the TR35 recognizes inventions and innovators in interesting fields from around the globe.

At the top of the pile this year is Joshua Schachter, the Innovator of the Year. Christina Galitsky is the TR35 humanitarian of the Year.

Special thanks to Wade Roush for pushing for me to be part of this year’s crew. I’m really looking forward to meeting some incredible people at the Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT on Sept 27-28 (Jeff Bezos will be keynoting). I’ll be on a panel called Online Applications War on the 28th with Alex Bard from Goowy, Adam Gross from, and Paul Rademacher from Google. Should be a fun one. I look forward to disagreeing on a few points ;)

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Steve Akers 08 Sep 06

Congratulations Jason! That is an impressive list to be on.

Marc Hedlund 08 Sep 06

Congrats, Jason. Well-deserved.

dandan 08 Sep 06

Top stuff. Congratulations and well deserved.

Oliver 08 Sep 06

Congratulations! That’s a great quote from Bezos.

Jobb 08 Sep 06

good job!

Ken Rossi : 08 Sep 06


Cameron Booth 08 Sep 06

Congratulations Jason….well done, and well deserved. You’ve inspired many, including me.

Sara 08 Sep 06


Will 37signals release Sunrise prior to the Sept 27th presentation in hopes to go head-to-head with Adam from

JF 08 Sep 06

Will 37signals release Sunrise prior to the Sept 27th presentation in hopes to go head-to-head with Adam from


Geoff 08 Sep 06

Congratulations on the well-earned award. Ditto on Cameron Booth’s comments.

As a recovering user, I’m looking forward to that roundtable.

Ed Knittel 08 Sep 06

Holy schnikes! Jason, congrats. That list is quite impressive. Neurons? Genomes? Nanoparticles? Peptide “Legos”?

Seeing big words like that always makes me a little bit more humble.

Seriously though, as a fellow “web” person how does it really REALLY feel to be listed in the same group as some people your own age who are making major scientific advancements. I always think of the Internets and my job as kind of “fun” and amusing. I could never think that what I do is somehow as important or meaningful as finding a cure for Cancer or saving some’s life.

Seriously, congrats - you’re obviously making some major advancements and folks outside the Internets are noticing.

jonto 09 Sep 06

37signals products, perhaps including Sunrise, do not usually compete with the incumbent companies/products. They usually find a niche of underserved customers and focus there. I’m sure that it is not a bad way to make a living.

Lyno 09 Sep 06

Hey - DHH should be on that list!

look 09 Sep 06

i agree with Ed, and will add that Jason is a cool guy but seriously, 37s is just a nice To-Do list company! and if it makes you feel better, Google is no more than yellow pages on steroids…

anyway, a good name is allways better than a good idea.

Sean Warburton 09 Sep 06

When will people realise that 37Signals is not a GREAT technology company, it’s a GREAT marketing company. Why, well you provide products that do the bare minimum well because that’s the easy option. However, truly great companies innovate.

Congratulations Jason, I don’t believe you deserve this accoldae but I concede that you’re a World class marketer and today in business marketing is more more important than innovation.

Greg 09 Sep 06

Hey - DHH should be on that list!

I’ve gotten so used to seeing him on these “Top X in Y” lists that I had to double check that it was actually Jason posting this.

ron 10 Sep 06

@Sean Warburton - very true!

*also…”well you provide products that do the bare minimum well because that�s the easy option”

it’s a win-win-win situation:

1. easy.
2. cheap.
3. it’s what the people want.

Hubris Sonic 10 Sep 06

Christina Galitsky is teh hott.

smart chicks are hot.

Michael Ward 11 Sep 06

@Sean: Unfortunately, designing products that only do what they need to do, with an interface that gets the job done in a clean and simple fashion *is* innovative.

It really shouldn’t be, but it is.

If Jason and the 37s crew can make the industry sit up and take notice, and the industry moves away from the mindset of ‘cram it full to bursting’ then they will have achieved something significant.

If they don’t change the industry then 37s will continue to thrive on their relatively unique philosophy.