Treo 650 charger AWOL 08 Apr 2005

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So, I’m in San Francisco and I forgot my phone charger at home. Today I visited 3 SprintPCS stores, 1 CompUSA, and 2 Radio Shacks. No one has the charger in stock. Plenty of car chargers, but no wall chargers. What the hell is up with that? The slatboard displays are lined with accessories, but not a single wall charger for the 650. Unreal.

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JF 09 Apr 05

Matt, I had a ziplinq for my 600, but I couldn’t find one for the 650. They have different power ports.

JF 09 Apr 05

Ziplinq says coming soon on the 650.

Tim Case 09 Apr 05

Wah Wah Wah, I’m in San Francisco without a charger for my treo!

Jason I have two words for you:
San Francisco

The city will take care of you. Perhaps, it’s a sign to just chill and enjoy the weekend? Or perhaps it’s not a sign and you should spend the rest of your weekend trying to find a charger for your treo nevermind that there is a cool art exhibition going on in North Beach or that south of Market there is some really cool music you’ve never heard before.

Actually, come to think it my phone needs to be charged too…

What the hell am I doing wasting time writing this message?

Tim Case

JF 09 Apr 05

Exactly Tim!

No, really, this isn’t about my phone being dead so much as not being able to find/buy something that should be easy to find/buy. That’s what’s frustrating.

Dave Marks 09 Apr 05

This is where that Nokia phones rule - every single Nokia uses the same type of charger :)

I don’t understand companies that make different chargers for each model they realease

Margaret Brock 09 Apr 05

I agree with Dave Marks - why a different charger for each model - makes no sense.

As for stores not having chargers in stock, it seems that stores have *discovered* how convenient and fast it is to order over the internet too so rather than actually stock anything, they offer to *order* it for you.

If I wanted it next week, I would order it myself. The reason I walked over to the Bricks ‘n Mortor is because I want them to remain open and stay in business. I just wish they’d take the hint and stock a few things on the shelf!

Art 09 Apr 05

Try the PalmOne kiosk in the San Francisco Center. (The little mall on Market Street with a Nordstrom, by the Powell Street cable car turnaround.)

I had the same problem with my 600 charger in early March and was sorted out pretty quickly there.

Unfortunately, when I learned that my 650 USB cable was not a charger last week, I was in Minneapolis and had the same luck as you at T-mobile (“Is that the same one as the 600?”), Radio Shack (“Treo what?”), or Cingular.

Cingular at least had a battery, but I was out of the store and halfway around the mall before I remembered that the battery that came with my phone had a charge and that just buying a bare battery might have been an option.

Adam Codega 09 Apr 05

There’s just no demand for a wall charger. You could try a cellphone dealer like Art said.

Ben 09 Apr 05

Maybe they’re all out of stock because because the Treo 650 wall charger plugs are so easy to break! My phone fell off my nightstand last night (maybe 1.5 ft, tops), on to carpet, and the tip of the charger plug broke clear off. Flimsy.

Luckily I’ve got my retractable Sync’n’Charge…

seth 09 Apr 05

I went through a similar problem trying to get a wall charger for my Treo 600 last month in Sacramento. What did I learn? Always keep my charger and usb cable connection in my laptop bag.

I’m with the idea you should try the Palm kiosk or perhaps a cingular/tmobile/at&t dealer.

Good luck ;)

Dave ferrick 09 Apr 05

Wow, I’m really suprised the Radio Shacks didn’t have them. They’re always the ones I can count on to have that part that either a) is impossbile to find, or b) might not even actually exist.

Dan Boland 10 Apr 05

Wow, I�m really suprised the Radio Shacks didn�t have them. They�re always the ones I can count on to have that part that either a) is impossbile to find, or b) might not even actually exist.

That’s because it seems like all they sell anymore are plugs and adaptors. =D

Gordon 11 Apr 05

I’m surprised that coffee houses don’t offer these for use - think about it, you can go in, grab a coffee and let your phone grab 20 mins charge. There’s potential for repeat business, you could limit the ‘charge time’ to 30 mins max.. hmmm

kingbenny 11 Apr 05

On a somewhat related note…. does anybody know why they didn’t make it so you could charge the Treos by USB2.0? That would sure be handy.

Robin Hastings 11 Apr 05

I had the exact opposite experience last Saturday with my Treo 650 - I just bought it that morning and went back for a car charger before taking a short road trip that afternoon. They had wall chargers available, but no car chargers. I’d found this to be a problem with my 300, too. They just don’t carry the accessories for these phones like they do for others! Ebay - if you aren’t in a time crunch - is your friend…

cjs. 11 Apr 05

Jason, when I was in SF for the Basecamp workshop I grabbed one for my T3 at the PalmOne kiosk in the San Francisco Center on Market, the one Art mentioned above. It came with international plugs, which have unexpectedly come in handy this year.

lcreekmo 12 Apr 05

This just points out what I’ve had to admit twice today: the Treo is embarrassingly addictive. You can’t not have it with you and working once you have it. Hope you’re now all charged.

BenJ 15 Apr 05

kingbenny: Actually, they did make it so you can charge via USB. The included USB cable (supposedly, I haven’t tested it as I rarely use that cable) “trickle-charges,” but the charging light doesn’t come on and it’s very slow. Look for a Sync-n-Charge cable, I have one and it’s very convenient (albeit also slower than the wall charger).

Also, supposedly the Treo and Tungsten share the same charge/sync port now that they’re both made by PalmOne — so a Tungsten charger should work with the 650.

Joe 19 Jul 05

I find that Treos are not that good - i personally would go for the new Samsung D600 which has a great camera and loads of memory. Just my opinion :)

Ray Thackeray 30 Jul 05

What really annoys me is that PalmOne ship the inclusive cable as a sync only. What the hell does it take to connect one more wire to make it a USB charger as well?? That’s just plain petty.

I hope BenJ is correct - I’m in a similar position, in San Francisco and my original wall charger has died. Worked fine in England, I plug it in the 110v socket here and nothing.

I toured Frys, Radio Shack and everywhere I could find, ended up with a car charger, but not terribly convenient for me right now, not using a rental at the moment! Let’s see, now I need a 110v to 12v transformer, buy a soldering iron and a car charger socket, and connect them up…

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