Trick or Treat? Matt 25 Oct 2005

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So what are you going to be for Halloween?

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Michael Sica 25 Oct 05

Official costume name: “Gangster Man”

But I think I might switch to the Google Web Accelerator.

JF 25 Oct 05

I guess I’m grumpy, but I’ve never liked Halloween. I just don’t get it.

benny 25 Oct 05

Uncle Quagmire. The juxtaposition of Quagmire and Uncle Rico. Giggity Giggity.

Dan Boland 25 Oct 05

I guess I�m grumpy, but I�ve never liked Halloween. I just don�t get it.

Oh man, to each his own, I guess, but I love Halloween. Any day that gives you an excuse to dress up like an idiot is my kind of holiday.

I’m going to try to dress up (at work) as a woman that used to work with me… she used to wear monochrome velour sweatsuits, Harry Caray/Charles Nelson Reilly glasses and a visor, and had fire engine red hair. None of these are bad by themselves, but when you consider she was about 60, it made the whole thing ghastly. Plus, she was an annoying moron.

Ross 25 Oct 05

My wife and I have a couples costume: Pam and Tommy Lee. I’m a lucky man and she can pull it off pretty well for someone who hasn’t had surgery.

And, no, I’m not going to stuff my pants.

Jeroen 25 Oct 05

What is this haloween thing? Is it related to Web 2.0?? Some kind of social software?

Randy J. Hunt 25 Oct 05

Happy to have my girlfriend in the city.

Jason, I never liked it much either. I always preferred handing out candy at the door over walking around in a costume.

Okay, the year I dressed up as Where’s Waldo was good, but that’s because all I needed was a striped sweater.

Boris 25 Oct 05

My two girls (2+4 years) want to be bunny rabits………… I’ll just be a proud dad with video cam and a big grin on my face…

Jeremy Sparks 25 Oct 05

I think I’m going to be David Brent from The Office (UK).

If not David Brent, then a gymnastics coach.

UGH 25 Oct 05

I’m going to be really fucking annoyed if another person asks me one more time what I’m going to be. Adults are not children and should not be playing dressup with each other outside of the bedroom…and ESPECIALLY not at work for God’s sake. There’s simply nothing cutesy about it.

wdk 25 Oct 05

Amish…I’ve been growing this beard out for months.

FineJames 25 Oct 05

I am going to be a Presidential Candidate for 2008.

Thank you, and may God Bless the United States of America

FineJames 25 Oct 05

I am going to be a Presidential Candidate for 2008.

Thank you, and may God Bless the United States of America

Tyler K 25 Oct 05

I’m going as a large container or AJAX.
Or maybe I’ll dress up as railroad tracks and my girlfriend will be a ruby.

zack 25 Oct 05

ms. pacman machine.

i originally wanted to make myself into a working ms. pacman machine, but i’m too lazy to carry a tablet pc around all night, nor do i know anyone that would let me drunkenly run around with their’s all night. black sweatshirt, velcroed on board, characters, dots, etc. ipod+portable speakers in pocket playing wock wock wock wock wock sounds. see if i can get some cheeseball 80’s video cabinet art and a big midway logo for my back.

oh yeah, and a joystick attached to my belt buckle.

nerdtacular. booya.

Pat 25 Oct 05

I’m going to be Jason Fried.

Emily 25 Oct 05

Yes, I’m with Boris - proud parent taking kids trick or treating.

Yes, I’m with Jason also - I don’t really get halloween. Not my favorite holiday either.

People never get my costumes anway.

One year: orange shirt, green hat = Pumpkin…?
Another year: I wore the Twister board as a cape and carried around the spinner - Twister? It was the year that the movie was big. I thought it was a great costume, but whatever…

Oh well….It’s fun to take the kids out though. They love it.

Mike 25 Oct 05

Pat - I was going to go as Jason too, but I couldn’t find a good Napoleon Dynamite wig for the right look.


RS 25 Oct 05

I was thinking about being Balki, but nobody wants to be Larry. Hmph.

Jan 25 Oct 05

As myself, there isn’t really a halloween tradition over here.

Danny Cohen 25 Oct 05

I don’t celebrate halloween, it scares me, along with roller coasters, pudding, and mud

John Y. 25 Oct 05

I’ve always preferred more abstract costumes. This year, I’ll be “Tangled Up in Blue” — achieved by buying a $2 thing of blue yarn and tangling myself up in it. Cheap, easy and even reasonably witty.

David 25 Oct 05

I bought this chicken suit last year, that needs to be warn for 5 years to come to make up for how much I spent on it…

Kim Siever 25 Oct 05

I’m with JF on this one.

blextar 25 Oct 05

I was thinking about killing someone, but that might piss someone else off, so… I think I might go for a beer with friends. Or a couple. Or three.
Let’s say “some”.

Swati 25 Oct 05

I miss the days of free chocolate. Ah…those were the times.

As for dressing up, I have a project due the next day…so I might just dress like a zombie…as I’ll already be looking like one.

Kyle 25 Oct 05

A Little Lebowski Urban Acheiver, perhaps.

Mike Sansone 25 Oct 05

I’m going as a Panera Bread evangelist (I already have the title, but now I have the uniform too!)

DD 25 Oct 05

Crazy spoon man, see, I’m crazy. Now gimme some crazy candy.

Mike 25 Oct 05

RS - I’ll be Larry… but only if you can do the Balki accent well.

John 25 Oct 05

I am going to be the other Presidential Candidate for 2008.

Thank you, and may God Bless the United States of America.

Adam Roth 25 Oct 05

A Chipotle Burrito. Dress up as one and they’ll give you a free burrito. Just wrap me up in foil!

aliotsy 25 Oct 05

A web developer.

Yvonne Adams 25 Oct 05

A woman over 40 who spends far too much time in front of a computer.

GonZ[+] 25 Oct 05

I’m going to be very annoyed if any scrotes come begging for food at my door!

DaveMo 25 Oct 05

I’m going to use the “Bat Boy” halloween mask from the 10/17/05 issue of the Weekly World News (the Mad Magazine of supermarket tabloids) this year. Cheap ‘n Cheezy-just like me!

I’ll be making a robot costume for my 6 year old son because Godzilla is too hard.

In the past I’ve been the Cracker Jack’s sailor-kid, an alien, Clownan the Barbarian, the Church Lady, a fish (this one STILL wins prizes 20 years later!), the Sun, a hairy monster, a jester, the cheshire cat, among others.

The best costume I created for someone else: a zebra. Airbrushing a lady friend’s body from head to toe with black and white stripes!

Now who still doesn’t get Halloween??

Brady 25 Oct 05

I’m going to be Betsimpsier - the better, simpler, easier me.

Zach Blume 25 Oct 05

I’m being George Bush. I already printed out the picture, stuck it to a piece of cardboard, and put a popsicle stick on the bottom. To be true to real life, I got a devil’s pitch fork, too. Plus, my dog is a scotty…so I took a picture of it and labeled it “Presidential dog.”

I think we all know I’m liberal :-D

Chris Brogan... 25 Oct 05

I’m going as a comments section on a blog. Think of it. All those people writing all over me.

Anonymous 25 Oct 05

Jakob Neilsen

Matt Hanson 25 Oct 05

I’m going to be George Clinton, and I might make all the pledges in my fraternity be the Parliament Funkadelic.

Alex 26 Oct 05

I’m going as the scariest human being: Bono. I’m trying to get 3 other people to go as The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!! Ahhhhh!

shankfactory 26 Oct 05

I’m going to be a coked out Pat Obrien. I’ll be sprinkling powdered sugar in my drinks all night, feverishly scrubbing my teeth with my finger and shouting on my phone, “Let’s get crazy!”

My wife is going as Anna Nicole Smith (after).
“Trim Spa Baby!” She might be taking a pillow or two along to really capture the yo-yo diet angle.

It’s all about owning the role. You gotta sell it.

Josh 26 Oct 05

I’m going to be Dr. Evil. It’ll work because I’m already totally bald. And evil.

Jens Meiert 26 Oct 05

OMG, ‘this a special day?

Matt Gotth-Olsen 26 Oct 05

My wife and I are both going as Burt Reynolds.

Bob 26 Oct 05

I might get a few loofahs and go as Bill O’Reilly.

David 26 Oct 05

Tony Montana, mang. From the final scene in Scarface when he goes down in a blaze of gunfire.

Jess 26 Oct 05

I am going as The Perv(y) Gym Instructor

Greased back hair, jump-suit, whistle ,clip board, large rim gold glasses, thick ‘stache

D 26 Oct 05

Karl Rove with a noose around my neck

Benjamin 26 Oct 05

Don’t celebrate halloween here in Aus perse` but if I was going to a party I would go in a nice suit and get those prostetic vampire teeth that you have moulded to your own teeth shape.

Hello 27 Oct 05


Andros 27 Oct 05

Not going to celebrate Halloween at all!

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