Type inspirations Ryan 26 May 2006

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My favorite inspiration comes from offline designs, especially when the material is from a past age. This morning I clicked through Coudal to The ABCs of Handtools. This 1943 guidebook by Disney has beautiful type. Big and friendly without being goofy, The ABCs screams “usable” in a way that only pre-web artifacts can.

The ABCs of Handtools

Moving to the present, I recently enjoyed commenter Jay Reding’s print-style article headers. Nice work!

Jay Reding's headers

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Lance 27 May 06

Wow, that’s a terrific site Jacek! Thanks for the link. I loved comparing ads from the 20’s to 50’s. The 1950’s has the bad reputation of being conservative and oppressive but the design was way better than the previous 3 decades. At least in my humble opinion.

scott brooks 30 May 06

Typography …..ahhh how i love thee.

Use to type is what seperates a person who has graphic design software on their computer from a graphic designer.

Great use of type and whitespace is true genious …. Hailing from a background that included alot print i have seen layouts that use nothing but Garmond sing ….while others