Videos from the CTC conference in Boston Jason 22 Jun 2006

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The folks at Collaboration Loop have posted videos of some of the presentations at the Collaborative Technologies Conference earlier this week in Boston. You can watch my talk if you’re interested. I really enjoyed Matthew Glotzbach’s talk. Matthew is the head of Enterprise Products at Google. Sharp guy. I didn’t get to see John Seely Brown’s talk but I heard it was a good one (and thanks to Collaboration Loop we can all see it now).

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Jack Shedd 22 Jun 06

Really enjoyed this.

Nick Adam Carlson 22 Jun 06

Wonderful speech, Jason. I wish I had that level of public speaking.

JF 22 Jun 06

Thanks guys, that’s kind of you.

Christophe Porteneuve 23 Jun 06

Since the video is WMV, they use an ActiveX player, and I’m running Linux so I opened up the source, sought the video reference, and am downloading it now.

Sifting through their source code made me shiver in disgust. Their markup is 10 years old and breaks every single design rule web standards promote these days. Too bad. Or is consistent with WMV as a video format? (okay, this is *slightly* a troll)

Can’t wait for the downloads to be done, and catch your talk, though! :-)

forrest2828 23 Jun 06

Hi All,

I am on Intel-Mac Mini, what do i need to watch these?


Jack Shedd 23 Jun 06

Windows Media Player from It actually runs fine on the intel-macs.

Steven A Bristol 23 Jun 06

I use a ff extension called Download Embedded (I am not associated with the author of the extension in any way, this is not an ad).

It makes it really easy to download flash, wmv or any files embedded on a page. I used it to download these vids because they would not play in my browser.

Good luck.

Scott Smith 23 Jun 06

The Download Embedded extension is great. Damn fine app. Thanks

Steven A Bristol 23 Jun 06

I know why jason is so good at public speaking: He took the Steve Jobs public speaking course. (1) No podium. (2) Pace around. (3) Black shirt/black background. (4) Have fun. (5) Good content.

Great talk jason, thanks for sharing “less” of your stuff with the us.

Nick Adam Carlson 23 Jun 06

Yeah, I thought Jason was pacing around a bit. But then I realized in the Q&A session that those lights on him were friggin bright! So I can see why he didn’t stare directly in that direction for any lengthy period of time.

amber 23 Jun 06

yeah, that was great talk. very enjoyable and thoughtful. nice work.

Jay Contonio 23 Jun 06

“Windows Media Player from It actually runs fine on the intel-macs.”

How did you get this to work? I can never watch wmv’s on my intel mac. Flip4Mac isn’t out yet for us and Windows Media doesn’t work.

Jack Shedd 23 Jun 06

I installed it?

Works fine in Safari on my MacBook.

Daniel 24 Jun 06

Jason: You speak here about the dangers of interruption, how your office is set up etc…. but the snippets from your campfire conversation that you blog suggest that you guys chat quite a bit while at work. Am I missing something, how do you keep the campfire from becoming disruptive?

Jon Davis 25 Jun 06

Great presentation Jason. Very informative and well delivered.

However the video doesn’t show (what seems to be) your slides? Is there a way we can access these slides?

JF 26 Jun 06

Thanks Jon. Here are the slides.

Lisa 27 Jun 06

This video is great. JF, you’re a natural! It must take a ton of trust in each other to work this way — seems the way to go to me. Very smart.

Thank you for sharing.


karl 27 Jun 06

Direct link to wmv for anyone w/ player/plugin issues…

The *is* an intel/mac version of flip4mac, you just need to dig around for it. Otherwise, use the old version of media player and force it to run using rosetta.