Wallet roundup Matt 26 Apr 2006

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walletsJudging from the volume of responses to Less financial options in your pocket, thick wallets are a big pain in the ass for a lot of folks. Lots of commenters posted links to their favorite wallet solution so we collected the photos/links at a wists page for easy digesting.

Came across some amusing images along the way: 1) Man, this guy is in some serious pain due to his wallet! 2) This Gadget Universe screen has a “more pics” link that is profoundly unhelpful. 3) We’re big fans of context and perspective in photos but this Big Skinny closeup (NSFW) is a pretty crude way to demonstrate the thinness of a wallet (completely inappropriate/misogynistic photo…click at your own peril).

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Gayle 26 Apr 06

I can put my Pentax Optio in an Altoids tin? WHY HAVEN’T I DONE THIS ALREADY???

PS the link to the wallet pics seems to be not working..?

Bob Aman 26 Apr 06

All I want in a wallet:

* Some place to attach a wallet chain.
* Detachable photo ID holder for airports.
* Easy insertion/removal of paper money.
* The usual pockets for credit cards.
* Thin.

I saw a wallet recently that met all of the requirements except there was absolutely no way to attach my wallet chain. And with the number of times I’ve either accidentally had my wallet fall out of my pocket (I keep it in my front pocket), that’s something of a deal-breaker.

eric 26 Apr 06

I still haven’t been able to find a men’s wallet with two windows.

WmD 26 Apr 06

Thanks for the “NSFW photo” warning. Unfortunately, I read it after I followed the link, oops. Good thing the boss wasn’t over the shoulder. :-)

Christopher J 26 Apr 06

I highly recommend JFold wallets. Thin, slick, elegant design with fine-grain leather.


Ben 26 Apr 06

I bought an All-ett wallet a few months ago and love it. It fits all of my cards and stays thin in my pocket.


Its made out of sail grade rip-stop nylon, so it feels a little different than a traditional wallet, but you get used to a light, flat wallet in your pocket pretty quick.

Brian 26 Apr 06

What’s with the interest in wallets recently?

Lyon 26 Apr 06

You have that much money?

Kumuki 26 Apr 06

Anyone have any suggestions for ladies’ wallets?

- Good design
- Easy access to change, to count when needed
- ID holder
- Simple, modern and not flashy

Jon Chiappini 26 Apr 06

A year ago, I bought a Troika Design card wallet with money clip, very small and practical, i use the money clip for business cards also. Mine is brown and orange, they do it now in blue and green also. I bought it online at http://www.carametis.co.uk , they ship internationally for very little. Might get the new version…

Dave Ferrick 26 Apr 06

Happy to see my wallet on that list. I’ve had the Fossil Leon for about 8 years now and love it.

And look! It’s only $25!
Value AND high quality? Not possible!

Josh Santangelo 26 Apr 06

Seems like the “Just Doesn’t Matter” approach could be used here — just carry less stuff. I know a few guys who just use a binder clip to keep cash and cards in place. That’s a bit too minimalist for me, but I tend to think a regular wallet that’s cleaned of all the business cards and cruft regularly works just fine.

Michael 26 Apr 06

Any dancers here? This is a wallet for dancers. Less is more on the danceflor! ;-)


Marcus 26 Apr 06

I’ve completely replaced my wallet (and PDA) with a pocket Moleskine.

I carry about 4 cards (credit, license etc.) in the pocket and it works out great. I keep it in my front pocket which eliminates the constant tapping of the back pocket to make sure the wallet’s there.

It’s definitely a bit more bulky, but it combines the pda, wallet and notebook into one so it works for me.

Dan 26 Apr 06

You should really put “NSFW” right next to the link. We need higher cubical walls here at my office.

Ken Rossi : CivilNetizen.com 26 Apr 06

I really do like the duct tape one though. I still try to use a bus pass type wallet. The one with only two sides and two windows. They wear out quickly but I manage to keep them thin.

Don Schenck 26 Apr 06

Thanks for the picture link …

THERE’S where I left my wallet!!!

In my car: wallet sits in console.
At my desk: wallet is in drawer.
At home: Wallet is in valet (hidden from wife!)

That’s pretty much it.

I also go sans wedding band at home.

Danno 26 Apr 06

I like that Steinhuasen one.

Right now I’ve got a bifold with a money clip where the clip part also has a watch on its face. That works fairly well, except the back of the watch keeps falling off.

andy 26 Apr 06

I have a DKNY one. I just wanted something that lasted was simple and real lether

Arnie McKinnis 26 Apr 06

My current wallet was my Christmas present from my kids - what I had was a long, checkbook style — so they got me same kind, only this one had a “pullout” for my Driver’s License, a few credit cards/pictures and a fold for money. You know what, I’m using the pull out - no longer like the feel of the big, checkbook wallet.

Great little gift - power to my kids!!

Anonymous Coward 26 Apr 06

I also go sans wedding band at home.

“But honey, less is more!”

Dave Ferrick 26 Apr 06

I also go sans wedding band at home.

“But honey, less is more!”

Dave Ferrick 26 Apr 06

wow. So forget to add your name and you’re branded. Nice. Thanks!

Mathew Patterson 26 Apr 06

wow. So forget to add your name and you�re branded. Nice. Thanks!

And we never would have known it was you if you hadn’t told us Dave :)

JB 27 Apr 06

It seems you guys are busy doing something else, and just send someone write a post or two each day, just to keep your readers awaken. Am I right? ;-)

J 27 Apr 06

Wait, what? Misogynistic? I think that’s quite the opposite.

joe bart 27 Apr 06

I use a really small binder clip. It costs $.02.

Mike 28 Apr 06

After the original wallet posting last week, I ordered the All-Ett. It came in the mail last night. After I emptied my old wallet and loaded up the All-Ett, the All-Ett fully loaded was still thinner than my empty leather one. Amazing!


Ryan Bergeman 28 Apr 06

I received my Jimi (Stealth) a couple of days ago. Really nice; I like it. Right now I have the money clip (four double-folded bills plus my driver’s license) in my pocket and don’t even notice it’s there. I’ve never kept much in my wallet, anyway, but all of this recent discussion has motivated me to cut things down even more. :)

Ben Rowe 29 Apr 06

Here I am, posting my second comment about a wallet in the last 3 days. Am I wasting my life? Possible.

When it comes to wallets, Freitag wallets are the only way. Not just a wallet - a way of life. (I don’t work for them by the way)


Chuck Moore 01 May 06

I have lived with this wallet for about 10 years. I’ve become accustomed to carrying my cash in my front pocket, and just cards ride in the wallet.


Grace Smith 02 May 06

This must be a cool wallet

tifm 05 May 06

You forgot about Dopps:


Nice product, but now that I see this list I might have to get another cool wallet.

Justin 09 May 06

The Stretch money holder is thin and holds 1 card and 1 bill or as many as you have on any given day. It conforms to your changing financial situation day by day. Some days I’ve got cash, while other days I just have receipts!