We All Got ‘Em Don Schenck 07 Nov 2005

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Desperate Housewives
Barbeque waffle potato chips
Hanson (yes, the Mmm-Bop guys)
Ed, Edd and Eddie
Men’s Health magazine

I’m speaking, of course, of Guilty Pleasures.


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Sh 07 Nov 05

Uh, Don?

Don Wilson 07 Nov 05

Guest speaker are we? ;)

I would suggest my biggest guilty pleasure, in an environment such as this blog, is using PHP + Windows :P

Sh 07 Nov 05

Uh, Don?

Sh 07 Nov 05

Uh, Don?

Don Schenck 07 Nov 05

Sh, my dear … that’s why they are called “Guilty” pleasures.

Don Wilson 07 Nov 05

While searching on google trying to figure out what Utilikilts are, I found this: http://www.ninjapirate.com/utilikilts.html

Mark 07 Nov 05

Dark chocolate

Tara 'Miss Rogue' Hunt 07 Nov 05

Desperate Housewives
Singing aloud in my car
Vanity searches

Justin Reese 07 Nov 05

  • Strawberry Fruit Gushers
  • Britney Spears, “Toxic”
  • Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder, You-Know-Where
  • Being married to a woman who, two years later, still laughs when I fart

Mark 07 Nov 05

My sister, the babysitter

Chris 07 Nov 05

The Spanish Latte at La Grande Orange. Hahahaha.

Justin Reese 07 Nov 05

Eww, why does it bigify lists like that? Dirty.

I forgot Black-and-Tans. Definitely Black-and-Tans. Pleasurably for obvious reasons, and Guilty because at $5.75, they’re a monthly indulgence.

Mark 07 Nov 05

Jack and Coke while watching Rome on HBO after the kids and wife have gone to bed.

Alex Hutton 07 Nov 05

Ed Edd, and Eddie - but trying not to laugh in front of my boys.

80’s music remixed (Mylo & Felix da Housecat)

Butterscotch Krimpets

Arrogant Bastard Ale

Survivor and Apprentice: Martha Stewart

Sim City: Rush Hour

The Young Ones

Liz 07 Nov 05

Bud Light, Grey’s Anatomy, HBO’s Rome, and staying up until 2 or 3 am.

Geoffrey 07 Nov 05

Double Martinis
Kate Bush
Mickey Rourke Films
The Drudge Report
Stinky Cheese

eek 07 Nov 05

“My sister, the babysitter”

I don’t want to know that means…

stridey 07 Nov 05

The Spice Girls (very, very, very, guilty)
KFC (no redeeming value, yet still so tasty)

John 07 Nov 05

  • World of Warcraft
  • The Apprentice
  • Weed (the show, not the plant…anymore)

Tomas Jogin 07 Nov 05

Hanson certainly ain’t one of mine.

Deirdre Saoirse Moen 07 Nov 05

Ditto on Hanson and Desperate Housewives.
Boney M
Bloodhound Gang
Florian Zabach
Val Kilmer Films
Utilikilts, when worn by men

Lisa 07 Nov 05

World of Warcraft

Reality TV
(dammit, why can’t I stop watching My Fair Brady!)

Lindt Dark Chocolates
(I’m trying to lose the baby weight and this isn’t helping)

Mark 07 Nov 05

eek -

My sister [when I take advantage of her geographic proximity to my advantage to employ her as] the babysitter

Interpreted any other way is sick, just sick.

Mike 07 Nov 05

New Golf Balls

Morning Macs

Chai Tea Lattes ( for my wife )

New Computer Parts

Radio Stations with a Big 80’s Hour

Adam C 07 Nov 05

I may, or may not, own the mp3 ofGwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl.

I also may, or may not, sing along with the opening chorus.

Hey that felt kind of liberating.

Hubris Sonic 07 Nov 05

The bakery downstairs in my building, on tuesdays, makes Beignet Frambois, fresh. at 10am, they are still warm. the rasberry filling can be quite hot…

i call it fat tuesday.

oh and AC/DC (the band)

Confused Republican 07 Nov 05

Elton John
Fashion Television

Josh Pigford 07 Nov 05

Laguna Beach (the show on MTV)
Real World (MTV)
Dawson’s Creek (the WB televisions serious from a few years back)
Justin Timberlake
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (I cry like a little girl everytime I watch this)

Mike Rundle 07 Nov 05

Spice Girls (yeah, just like that other guy, they’re hot)
Small $.25 bouncy balls
The support for drilling in Alaska
Expensive gadgets I won’t use but will sell in 3 months

Ahhh, the sweet smell of Fusco with his foot in his mouth. What a keeper :)

Josh 07 Nov 05

New-found guilty pleasure: Norah Jones.

Cade Roux 07 Nov 05

Sittin’ on the front porch eatin’ a Pork Rib MRE knowing your hot water is now (partially) working and thinking about working on the refrigerator next.

Scrivs 07 Nov 05

Sorry Mark, no save from calling your sister out. That’s just sick.

Guilty pleasures? None, I do what I want and ain’t ashamed to man up to them. Maybe that changes once you get married.

Okay maybe Simple Life magazine, but that’s it.

John 07 Nov 05

The Biggest Loser (best show on tv)

Kinder Surprise chocolate

Eating peanut butter with a spoon

“Since u been gone” by Kelly Clarkson

jordan 07 Nov 05

I’m with Scrivs on this—I’m not embarassed by any of my music, possessions, habits, or anything else.

Sam 07 Nov 05

McGriddles. There, I said it.

Fred 07 Nov 05

celebrity blogs (whatevs, yeeah, perez, etc)
trail mix with m&ms
thai iced coffee from filter
30 minute meals
i still wear cargo pants. i love having so many pockets.

Dylan Berry 08 Nov 05

Action Figures (so nerdy, but so cool!)

Dark Chocolate

Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar Kettle Chips

Poker (when I lose)

indi 08 Nov 05

fashion trance on fashion channel … pleasure watching the models going down the runway, guilty because if my wife catches me I’m dead meat (yes, it does change when you’re married!)

Sergei Muller 08 Nov 05

Las Vegas (TV Show)
Poker (Texas Holdem)
Paper Robots (ReadyMech)

brad 08 Nov 05

I’m with Don on Men’s Health mag. It’s such an annoying rag, full of exactly the kind of writing I hate most, and yet whenever I travel I pick it up in the airport newstand…I’m a moth to its flame.

Let’s see, other guilty pleasures…

Rochers Suchards (irresistable chocolates that sit by the cash register of the store where I buy coffee beans)

Burdick’s chocolates (even better)

Daily Oliver

Kraft dinner

Piers 08 Nov 05

Reading my own blog. I do it all the time. That, and belting out “Wishbone” by Architecture in Helsinki, while drumming along with my knuckles on my desk. At four in the morning.

Of course, I’m listening to the song with my headphones at high volume, so I imagine my singing is nowhere near the right notes.

notheory 08 Nov 05


This is the guilty pleasures list. So seeing “my sister, the babysitter” is… suspicious shall we say.

anyway. Mine:
japanese pop music
being lazy
pimping my flickr account to my friends & acquaintances

Colin Ramsay 08 Nov 05

Bloglines & Lost while away my time like nothing else.

in real life 08 Nov 05

well, hansen;s mmmbop never did anything for me until i heard Phish cover “James Brown’s Version of Hansen’s MmmBop.” amazing acapella masterpiece……”TAKE IT TO THE BRIDGE — 22 TIMES!”

email me if you want it.

How 08 Nov 05

Pret latte coffee. Best latte in London.
hour and a half lunch breaks devoted to in-line skating
Lost. And Desperate Housewives. And Buffy.
Panasonic Lumix FZ20

Polly Stark 08 Nov 05

* Gibson Les Paul guitar that I bought when I could barely play a simple chord progression.
* The gossip column on IMDB.com
* Chocolate flapjacks
* Manhattan cocktails
* Cigarettes

Ryan Tomayko 08 Nov 05


erik 08 Nov 05

umm. online porn?

Mark 08 Nov 05

Rundle, Scrivs’ - whatever. Wait until you have kids and find yourself in a great situation to dump them off on someone else and not have to pay them to do it.

It’s truly a guilty pleasure.

Kyle Posey 08 Nov 05

* Gilmore Girls, Laguna Beach, Extreme Home Makeover
* Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson
* Ice Cream, M&Ms

My wife is the only one who knows about all of these.

Adam 08 Nov 05

Opinions and assholes…

Oh wait, guilty pleasures. Right…

FineJames 08 Nov 05

Canadian Parliament on C-Span

Don Schenck 08 Nov 05

Kyle - not any more! *smile*

bradigan 08 Nov 05

There are so many!
- Tim Hortons xLarge Triple Triple (coffee in Can. I get alotta flack for that one)
- Big Brother (CBS TV show)
- wife found porn on the computer (not mine!…)
- watching CNN while I work (at home)
- listening to Def Leppard
- wearing shorts and a t-shirt to work
- (probably) too many beer while Summer camping
- listening to Jamaraquai
- going to Def Leppard concerts
- Oh and Beverly Thomson on CanadaAM. But my wife knows about that one ;-)

fajalar 08 Nov 05

* Going to SvN and feeling like I am in a time warp.

* Realizing I have more in common with Mark than my business partners. :P

* Seeing a real “getting real” post because it’s Don. Don keeps everything real.

jean zaque 08 Nov 05

justin, i belive the correct term is embiggen, not bigify

Brandon 08 Nov 05

Guilty pleasures? Is this blog kid-friendly?

Christina Aguilera in Dirrty video (downloaded to my hard drive)… mmmmm….

hotornot.com - it’s just too fun to tell people they’re not

Ara Pehlivanian 08 Nov 05

m&ms … too many … gut growing… must… stop.

Ed Knittel 08 Nov 05

* Britney Spears (I’ll 2nd the Toxic song and add in the video)
* Cheesy Euro-Trance music
* I’m addicted to Survivor. It is the teet that I cannot wane myself from

For the most part I have no shame in what I eat, drink, or do.

matias 08 Nov 05

reading at work
Las Vegas (TV show)
select cartoons

Josh 08 Nov 05


Harry Potter Fanfiction

kingbenny 08 Nov 05

Those Gushers fruit snacks.
John Cusack movies.
David Sedaris books.

Chris 08 Nov 05

- whipped cream
- Instant Messaging w/ family while I’m at work
- raiding the chocolate chip container in the kitchen
- Queen (the band)

nb 08 Nov 05

Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, Airheads!

sabrina 08 Nov 05

* indulging my flickr addiction
* $1 scoop Tuesdays at Baskin-Robbins
* American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, & Dancing with the Stars
* Missy Elliott
* Oprah on Tivo
* confiding to strangers at 43things

Patrick 08 Nov 05

* Reality TV (especially Survivor, Amazing Race, and Laguna Beach)
* Cheese
* Friday night TV on the WB

DaveMo 08 Nov 05

  • Woot!
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Godzilla flicks
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Freecell
  • Cheetos

Daniel 08 Nov 05

* Sudoku
* Solitaire (Kitty Spangles for Mac OS X. So good!)
* Napping on a Sunday afternoon, with my corgi and wife just because we can. :D

Everything else is just a pleasure.

Jeff Hartman 08 Nov 05

Oh man.

- Keebler Fudge Sticks
- Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
- Survivor
- This Power Mac G5 and 23” Cinema Display
- Fantasy Football

Jeff Hartman 08 Nov 05

How could I forget:

Johnnie’s Italian Beef (with hot peppers) in the Chicago suburbs. Too, too good.

Moose 08 Nov 05

Guilty pleasures? pr0n.

FlyGirl 08 Nov 05

Desperate Housewives
Popcorn for dinner
Circus Peanuts (the candy)
Lounging all day in my pajamas

Justin 08 Nov 05

Comic books and TCGs

Bob Aman 08 Nov 05

Um, thinking hard… and…

* IBC Black Cherry Soda. (Directly resulting in a grand total of 11 cavities in a matter of a few weeks.)
* Smarties. (Directly resulting in strange chemical burns on my tongue.)
* Starbucks Mint Mocha Frapucinos. (Directly resulting in far too many late nights awake.)

As you can see, I have moderation issues when it comes to sugar. :-P

Archie 08 Nov 05

Just a coincidence that a conversation of this matter just happened last weekend.

Frank Sinatra, Norah Jones, Opus X cigars, followed by Harry Connick, Jr with Vodka Martinis (shaken not stirred)

chocolate, lots of it; peanut butter optional; whipped cream enjoyable

Anticipation before scratching a lottery ticket

Movie popcorn and smuggled Rum and Coke

Prison Break-until the jerks hold out on the last 6 episodes

Bond girls

All things Jenny McCarthy

Dreaming of Deanna…although she doesn’t know it yet.

Fred Faulkner 08 Nov 05

* 80s Hair Bands (Bon Jovi - yes saw them in Chicago last weekend, Def Leppard, Poison, etc.)
* Late night coding sessions
* HGTV/TLC Home shows
* Mountain Dew … which leads to late night coding sessions
* Actually watching the Sox win the World Series and I’m happy about it as a Cubs fan…which in turns dissolves my Cubs fan status.

brad 08 Nov 05

Hummus and pretzels. Together.

Which reminds me:

Drambuie and Oreos. Together. (just don’t dunk the Oreos in the Drambuie)

Justin Reese 08 Nov 05

justin, i belive the correct term is embiggen, not bigify

Can you say “embiggen” while crossing your arms like a gangster and nodding smugly? I think the choice is clear.

Adam 08 Nov 05

* BBC’s Antique Roadshow (the Brit version, not that rubbish US one)
* TimTams for dinner when the girlfriend isn’t around to “correct” my eating

Greg Hinch 08 Nov 05

The O.C.

Mike G 08 Nov 05

Fiona Apple
Las Vegas
The OC

Don Schenck 08 Nov 05

Archie mentioned Opus X.

That’s not a guilty pleasure, that there is a TREAT! :-)

Tim 08 Nov 05

I have to agree with Jeff about Johnnie’s Italian Beef being a GUILTY pleasure. My personal preference is Portillo’s, but there’s something about Johnnie’s—you know you’re transgressing some sort of dietary boundaries. Kind of the same feeling I used to get eating a pizza puff at 4am after imbibing too much at the Metro.

richard 09 Nov 05

Um, Desperate Housewives isn’t a guilty pleasure. It’s just a damn good show! :)

Nicole 09 Nov 05

Laguna Beach
Tillamook extra sharp cheddar cheese
Even Stevens
Freshens Jamaican Jammer smoothie

Detroit 09 Nov 05

Bettermaid BBQ
Billy Joel

…at the same time