We have a mailing list too Jason 04 Oct 2006

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This blog isn’t the only way we stay in touch with our customers, potential customers, lurkers, spectators, lovers, and haters — we also have a mailing list (powered by Campaign Monitor — one of our favorite apps run by some of our favorite people down under).

We use the mailing list to send infrequent emails about what we’ve been up to, what we’ve just launched, and what’s coming up next. We also recap blog posts and share anything else we think is worth sharing. On average we may send just one email a month so you don’t have to worry about us filling up your inbox (or your trash).

Over 12,000 people have signed up so far. If you aren’t signed up you can do so by filling out the form below.


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Dave Rau 04 Oct 06

Just curious… paying for 12,000 emails even at one cent per email is a bit much eh? Josh and I loved using mailchimp.com to send semi-monthly newsletters, but even our tiny list got a tad expensive for a monthly newsletter. We’ve switched to Dada Mail (free, linux based) since we didn’t need a lot of features like the overwhelming Mailman offers.

Why use a hosted solution instead of a homegrown or free solution? Not that I have anything against supporting a rad company… just wondering.

p.s. the recaps are always excellent. Even for folks like me coming to the site a few times a day; it helps jog my memory about a good post from 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Brett 05 Oct 06

I’m curious. I read your posts (all RSS) in Thunderbird and when I try to use the form to subscribe, it doesn’t work. When I visit your site, it does.

Is this a problem with Thunderbird? I always thought this was bad practice to use forms in distributed communication such as emails and RSS feeds?

I’ve used Campaign Monitor and it is a great service.

Mike McDerment 05 Oct 06

Campaign Monitor is a great tool/service/app/thing. And I’d say remotely hosted and managed solutions for email are defintely the way to go…

eoecho | Greg Magnus 05 Oct 06

I agree with your choice with respect to the hosted app over a home grown solution. I used an inexpensive software solution which ran on my server for a year before abandoning it. It was easy to use, but the time required to manage numerous email issues far exceeded the cost for a hosted solution.

Rob 05 Oct 06

Dave - please. Do you really think 37Signals pays CP to send mails? They get the service for free just for mentioning their name here. Don’t be fooled.