Welcome David to Chicago! 03 Oct 2005

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David was just approved as an “Alien of Extraordinary Ability.” We always knew he was a little bit strange. He’s excited as are we. We have big plans and having David in town will accelerate them (as long as we pay attention to alone time).

Special thanks to Tim O’Reilly, Martin Fowler, Sam Ruby, Bruce Perens, Jeffrey Zeldman, Richard Bird, and David’s old Computer Science professor Uffe Kofoed for their letters of recommendation. And of course Susan C. Ellison from Fragomen (our immigration lawyers) for putting together all the pieces.


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Jeevan 03 Oct 05

Congrats David!

Ryan 03 Oct 05

Does having an alien on staff have anything to do with Web 2.0? ;)

Dr_God 03 Oct 05

David now has the perfect phrase for his first tattoo. Chisel that baby right across the shoulder blades in the back.

“Alien of Extraordinary Ability”

Coudal 03 Oct 05

Things to get used to eating at 400 North May.
Babies from Salernos
Manwiches from Bari
Hopping John from Wishbone

Things to get used to drinking at 400 North May.
Stellas at Fresco
Harp at The Spoke
Belvedere Martinis at Fulton Lounge

That is all. Welcome.

Baeck 03 Oct 05

Guess you guys will have to change your “Who are 37signals” information! :-)

Welcome, David, I hope you enjoy Chicago!

Shane 03 Oct 05

Wow. Now there actually is a possibility of me seeing David on the el and getting my Rails book autographed.

D 03 Oct 05

Congratulations and Welcome- It is a “World Class” City!

Don Schenck 03 Oct 05

There goes the neighborhood …

since1968 03 Oct 05

Fragomen rocks! We used them in New York.

Welcome David. That’s an impressive list of testimonials.

wdk 04 Oct 05

Not that we’re not all excited for you…

What ever happened to embracing constraints?

Maybe my memory is failing me, but I remember the separation specifically being brought up as a constraint to embrace in Mr. Fried’s eTech2005 talk.


David Heinemeier Hansson 04 Oct 05

And we certainly will be continuing to do that. While coming here will afford us the opportunity to meet much more frequently, the bulk of the work will still happen from home (now just with a Chicago address). Long periods of undisturbed work is a benefit I would not give up lightly.

Eoin Dubsky 04 Oct 05

Congratulations David!
America loves aliens of extraordinary ability.
Congratulations on the Google and O’Reilly “best hacker” award for Ruby on Rails too!