Welcoming new advertisers to The Deck Jason 02 May 2006

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This month we not only welcome Jason Kottke to The Deck, but we welcome two new advertisers:

5inch which offers limited-edition, pre-designed, silk-screened blank CDRs, DVDs & trigger cases, and Scanr, an interesting new service that lets you use your cell phone camera as a scanner.

We also thank the following repeat advertisers: 2ndSite, O’Reilly, Squarespace, FontShop, Adobe, and Veer.

Thanks for bringing great products to The Deck.

If you are interested in advertising on The Deck, please get in touch with Jim Coudal via email at jim @ coudal dot com.

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dave rau 02 May 06

It would be pretty cool if coudal (or whoever) did a writeup about using each of the services/products. This is a public way of confirming that, yes, the deck guys really do stand behind the stuff they’re advertising.

JF 02 May 06

Good suggestion Dave but we really don’t have the spare time to put together thorough-enough reviews to make it worth posting.

firefox user 02 May 06

AdBlock keeps me safe

Nuffer 02 May 06

Deck Dreck

dave rau 02 May 06

Hey Jim, Yeah i *just* saw the notes after I posted this comment. I was just thinking of even some links that point to reviews. Something like scanR seems really cool, and a new concept. It could really help promote that kind of new service by holding my hand a little more and pointing to a 3rd party (or better, if you guys wrote it) to build even more credibility. Just a random thought. It all takes time and I can appreciate skipping all this in the interest in time.