What would the Freakonomics guys do with Google’s data? Matt 11 Aug 2005

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Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, the Freakonomics guys, recently spoke at the Google campus and blogged about it. The best Googler question of the day: “What would you do with our data if we could give it to you?” No answer yet but they say they’ve been thinking about it quite a bit ever since.

Also, there’s now a regular Freakonomics column in The New York Times Magazine. “Up in Smoke” is the latest piece. It tries to explain why the media doesn’t pay attention to crack anymore (short answer: Crack-associated violence has largely disappeared).

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Alex Foley 11 Aug 05

“What are the questions people ask when they know that no one else has to ever know that they asked them.”

Dave Simon 11 Aug 05

What happened to crack? Meth.

Not that meth is a new drug, but it’s really effecting the middle part of the country, something crack really didn’t do.

Tony 11 Aug 05

Not to be a grammar nazi, but you mean “affecting.”

Dave Simon 11 Aug 05

So noted, Tony.