White/red/black color scheme, creepy facial hair, top hat, hmm… Matt 07 Mar 2006

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Movie ad or new White Stripes album cover? You decide:

V for White

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Steve 07 Mar 06

The Sideshow Bob post was funny, but this one is tenuous, at best.

Danno 07 Mar 06


Not just a movie.

Phil 07 Mar 06

Considering V predates the white stripes by a decade or two…

Rahul 07 Mar 06

Put Michael Jackson in there and you truly have a creepy equivalent.

Rabbit 07 Mar 06

Aye! I cannot wait for this to come out! In the preview they use the term, “the party.” — Orwell, anyone?

scott 07 Mar 06

wait are we listing things which jack white has appropriated or the names of people who were unaware that he co-opted things?

Brian 07 Mar 06

Considering the V mask is based on Guy Fawkes who predates bith by a few centuries…


some guy 07 Mar 06

Danno noted that “V is for Vendetta” is not only a film. it’s also a graphic novel. i’d also like to add that it’s the name of a noise band from Providence, Rhode Island.

boytown 08 Mar 06

that is the dumbest looking mask i have seen in my entire life. this movie looks pretty lame.

Steven 08 Mar 06

The movie is based on a very good graphic novel. Boytown maybe an expansion of your knowledge of philosophy, and oh - read the novel….and maybe you might just learn something. V for Vendetta illustrates the complexity of the human psyche and spirit or the lack off, and the loss of freedom.

If you believe that freedom is an unalienable right then how far would you go to get it back? That among other questions it tries to explore. The mask? It’s figurative, a symbol, along with all of what else he stands for.

Don�t go see the movie first � I�ve already seen a few scenes in the previews that weren�t in the book.

Mario Parise 08 Mar 06

I’d also like to add that V for Vendetta is specifically about anarchism. It derives alot from the Spanish civil war, where anarchists were a key factor in the fight against fascism (while the rest of the democratic world imprisoned people for trying to help, including Canada, where I’m from). V is an anarchist and is trying to destroy the current fascist regime so as to allow the development of a voluntary society. He’s quite explicit about this.

The Wachowski brother (who wrote the script) are also widely speculated to be anarchists or at least strongly influenced by anarchists.

Interestting, but on a side note, Grant Morrison, also openly an anarchist, accused the Wachowskis of stealing the entire idea for the Matrix from his graphic novel The Invisibles.

Alan Moore, author of V for Vendetta, has dissassociated himself with the movie. David Lloyd, though, the artist for the novel, is in full support.

The mask looked cooler in the graphic novel.

durrr 09 Mar 06

Constructivism. When two modern-day graphical thingies both take inspiration from the same decades-old graphical movement, it doesn’t have to imply any relationship between the two modern-day thingies.

Dina 29 Jul 06

Ok, V and Jack White wow Yea is Jack really Vendetta??

L.T. 28 Aug 06

How about this: Black, White, and Red are cool colors, and Top Hats with facial hair is also cool. And somewhat sinister.

Blacklight 01 Oct 06

Lol @ sinister. Yeah, there’s always people in hats and mustaches trying to kill me.