WhizAlert brings Craigslist to your inbox Matt 12 Jul 2005

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Need to check for something often at Craigslist? WhizAlert delivers selected Craigslist postings to your email inbox. You can customize alerts by keyword, category, subcategory, location, etc.

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Mark Webster 12 Jul 05

Would like to point out that Craigslist also supports RSS for searches. Do a keyword search in a particular category, and at the bottom of the page is an RSS link to that search. It’s a great way to keep an eye out for last minute event tickets, and for finding newly listed apts.

dm 12 Jul 05

I’ll second what Mark Webster said.

David Grant 12 Jul 05


DXO 12 Jul 05

Why go backwards?
Down with email; long live RSS.

Ash Buckles 12 Jul 05

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one.
This is ridiculous.

Jon Konrath 12 Jul 05

I find it slightly humorous that something that started as an email list made the transition to web, and now it’s a big thing that it can go back to mail. Reminds me of when big indoor malls that were built to replace outdoor strip malls are torn down to make… outdoor strip malls.

Kyle 12 Jul 05

Sixth. Craiglist is great.

Rick 12 Jul 05

RSS uber alles.

YoungHistorians 12 Jul 05

With the complexity of most news aggregators, isn’t this just harder to do? Wouldn’t it be much easier to use an online service that moniters an RSS feed and emails you when there’s a hit?

Jomdom 12 Jul 05

Pink is the new yellow which was the new pink 2 weeks ago.

Chad 12 Jul 05

Whiz@lert is just awesome. I wish Monster had a nice clear interface for creating and managing search agents.

Josh Wand 12 Jul 05

Now, if only their search supported wildcards, booleans, regexps, et al. Unbelievable that a company as old and as well funded as CL can’t invest in a decent search engine.

dusoft 13 Jul 05

Finally! RSS saves the world. I remeber logging every day to Craiglist just to find out there is nothing new in the category I had been interested in.

Justin 13 Jul 05

Whiz@lert provides no way to cancel an account.

Travis Wilson 13 Jul 05

http://watchcraigslist.com lets you cancel, if not your account, the alerts you put on your account. It does about the same thing; and it piggybacks on RSS, but RSS is still new enough that if it takes an email service to get people to use it, so be it.

Joe Murphy 13 Jul 05

Whiz doesn’t work just hangs on load on IE or FF, anybody else have a problem with it?

philip 14 Jul 05

Looks like they are updating their server.

Bjorn 14 Jul 05

Oodle does email alerts… but for all major classifieds sites, not just craigslist.

alice 15 Jul 05

I’ve used oodle. it doesn’t work very well. When you do get an email alert it doesn’t have all the posting that match what you’re looking for. whizalert does a much better job. that’s my experience.

Browser 11 Aug 05

There is already a site calle alibabayahoo.com