Hi everyone—my name is Dan Kim, and I’m incredibly honored to introduce myself as the 37th signal! I joined the team on June 3, and I’ll be helping to build a brand new product, Know Your Company.

Ever since I started using Basecamp in 2007, I’ve admired 37signals. Like many of you, I’ve followed their work closely. I’d nod my head in agreement as I read SvN posts, watched videos, or read their books. They’ve consistently valued simplicity over complexity, thinking instead of talking, shipping over planning, and working remotely instead of commuting. It soon became my dream to work at 37signals.

It certainly wasn’t easy trying to make my dream come true. I had applied for positions a couple times before, but my skills didn’t match up well. Even though I have a decade of experience in web development and programming, I was rusty. Over the years I had transformed from a programmer to a manager. I couldn’t build from scratch anymore. I couldn’t ship anything by myself. That scared the living hell out of me, and so I needed to make a change.

And that’s when I discovered The Starter League. It’s a three-month, in-person program that teaches beginners how to design, program, and ship web apps, right here in Chicago.

I’m a recent grad myself, and it’s changed my life. I enjoyed it so much, I stuck around as a teaching assistant to help mentor others. And my work there helped me strike up a conversation with Jason, which led to a couple lunches, sharing some ideas, a successful trial project, and officially being hired.

But like many others, my career has had its ups and downs. I’ve seen the inner-workings of a wide variety of companies. Some were as big as 45,000 and others as small as 2. I’ve seen the good and bad of every possible company culture—startups, agencies, consulting, corporate, you name it. So it’s hard to express how happy I am right now to be surrounded by an amazing culture, learning from some of the best designers and programmers in the world.

And I’m thankful for all of it. Each experience has helped me realize and respect how important a person’s work can be to their happiness. That’s why I’m so excited to work on Know Your Company. We want to help small business owners build and sustain great companies that people love working at. That’s an incredible mission and challenge that I can’t wait to explore.

On a personal note, I live out in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs, so I’ll spend some of my time in the office hanging out with these awesome folks. The rest of the time I’ll be working remotely at home, where I can annoy my incredibly patient wife Julie, watch our twin boys Andrew and Jonas grow up, and walk our super cool dog Parker.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to send a big, heartfelt “Thank You” to all of my friends, family, and colleagues who have helped me to get here. I couldn’t have done this without you.
All the best,