We’ve been doing iOS development in-house at 37signals for over a year! Since the launch of the Basecamp for iPhone app we’ve had a lot of questions about our development & design process going mobile, our opinions on the new environment, and more. Recently our team has participated in some interviews about how we made the app, and I think you’ll learn a lot from them.

Ryan was interviewed by Hipmob about the design process of the app, and the issues we’ve faced on mobile platforms:

The biggest challenge for a company like ours is to change our way of thinking because, we grew up when the web was just a laptop thing. We learned on laptops and we defined our notion of what software is on laptops and desktops, and it’s really changing.

Check out the whole interview transcript for more great perspectives and insights on mobile development.

I was lucky to be invited to the 4th monthly MotionMeetup, a moderated Q&A session with various RubyMotion developers. They asked questions about what I learned making the Basecamp app, what advice I’d give to newcomers to the platform, and why I hate bees:

Thanks to both Hipmob and Iconoclast Labs for their time and energy spent on these.