Nearly three years ago, Nick posted about what our desks look like. It was a fun little peek into how people work and what they like to keep close by. But a lot changes in three years, so we thought it’d be fun to revisit our setups.

Since Nick’s post, a bunch of new folks have joined our team from around the world, and some have even brought new people into the world!

Some have moved into new homes or to new locations, and some are always on the go.

One has called an Airstream home for months, while others have been forced to move…err, “relocate due to circumstances” the deepest, darkest corners of their homes (aka, the parents).

These pictures give you just a small glimpse into our team—one built on a wonderful mix of cultures, interests, and personalities. Having such a diverse team is one of the greatest benefits of being a 100% remote company, and it’s a privilege to work with such incredible people.

So, without further ado…

Andrea (Chicago, IL):

Ann (Chicago, IL):

Anton (Lake Tahoe, CA):

Chris (Manchester, England):

Conor (Santa Clara, CA):

Dan (Buffalo Grove, IL):

David (Malibu, CA):

Eileen (Kingston, NY):

Eron (Durham, NC):

George (Pittsburgh, PA):

James (Berlin, Germany):

Jamie (Chicago, IL):

Jason F. (Chicago, IL):

Jason Z. (Edmond, OK):

Javan (Ann Arbor, MI):

Jeff (Fenwick, Ontario):

Joan (Portland, OR):

John (Noblesville, IN):

Jonas (Naperville, IL):

JorDanée (Airstream, USA):

Kristin (Portland, OR):

Matthew (Nanaimo, British Columbia):

Merissa (Austin, TX):

Michael (Chicago, IL):

Mig (Chicago, IL):

Natalie (Everywhere. Home base: Berlin, Germany):

Nathan (LaGrange, KY):

Nick (Buffalo, NY):

Noah (Pittsburgh, PA):

Ryan (Nomadic. Home base: Chicago, IL):

Sam (Chicago, IL):

Scott (Boulder, CO):

Shaun (Chicago, IL):

Sylvia (Sheung Wan, Hong Kong):

Taylor (Tampa, FL):

Tom (London, England):

Tony (Sydney, Australia):

Trevor (Usually: Chicago, IL. Currently: Bruges, Belgium):

Wailin (Oak Park, IL):

Will (Manchester, England):

Zach (Baltimore, MD):